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  1. When Egwene asked Rand about Moridin as mentioned in Terez's post, that also immediately struck me as wrong, and I do not have encyclopedic knowledge of the series.
  2. I myself skipped the prologue and the first two chapters and went straight to Chapter 3 and started there, all the way to the epilogue... I am glad they released part of Chapter 3 though, because I was very excited when I read it, and I think everyone else should get to enjoy it.
  3. I don't feel this is a spoiler, but if it is, I guess punish me mercilessly. That chapter is 190 pages long, out of about 909 total pages.
  4. What an amazing book! I have to say, I was never bored for a minute. I don't want to get into a detailed literary critique, but I one thing did irritate me. It's really my only complaint. I didn't like how often some behavior or event that has been referenced and defined/described will again be referenced and so forth again and in basically the same way. Redundant! For instance, in one chapter the burning of certain fields and the reason for doing so is described and explained, and one or two paragraphs later, a character is described as walking through a field which had been burned, and again
  5. I also found that if you were simply to look at the chapter titles by themselves, you could easily go far afield trying to infer what actually happens in the chapter. I found this to be true much more in this book than in previous ones, though I know there are instances where chapter titles in past books have been very obscure. I don't know... it seems to me, if you have a chapter about the wonders of ketchup, for instance, you might call it something like "A Tasty Condiment" or "Sugared Tomato Puree." The AMoL equivalent title for a chapter on ketchup would be "Red Glucose" or "A Burger's
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