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    I'm Back!

    Well, it's been a few months. I've been busy but I'm back to full-on WOT-Mania! At the moment I am: 1. Reading Book 4 2. Listening to Book 2 3. Re-reading the EOTW comic Has anyone heard the news about Shannara? Elfstones of Shannara is being developed as a television series ala Game of Thrones. This should really put a fire under whoever has the rights to WOT, I think. I'm very jealous that GOT fans have their own magazine. I want my WOT magazine! In other news: My epic fantasy novel Carrot Field recently had its first review: http://www.sffworld.com/2013/12/carrot-field
  2. You can only paint a replica if it is not the same dimensions as the original. If it is the same dimensions, it is illegal.
  3. Well, I'm in Book 4 now and I've hit the first gen-u-ine romantic scene! Between Elayne and Rand. Over the years, before I even started reading the series, I've been reading different views and responses to WOT. While RJ was still alive, the biggest complaints had to do with the slowing down of the narrative and the lack of any end in sight. Since BS took over, criticisms have shifted. In a way, as more fresh voices have read the series, criticism has become more wide ranging and also more specific. Inevitably, with any huge work of art, after the author dies critics start looking for weak
  4. I think that most genre readers have been sophisticated enough, for a long time, to understand that there is no such thing as "absolute good" and "absolute evil" in war. I think it's kind of redundant to have so many stories pointing out something so incredibly self apparent. Especially as a supposed "corrective" to Lord of the Rings or other fantasies; it shows that many people haven't read LotR's very carefully. I am actually dismayed by the very vocal sectors of Fandom that want to see Star Wars through the eyes of Imperial Officers etc. It seems we can't stomach the idea of goodness an
  5. That's crazy! I guess copyright law isn't universal. I'm glad the Tolkien Estate has a tight grip on all of this. Can you imagine of Amazon opened Middle Earth to their inane fan-fic program?
  6. So far, Book 4: Moiraine Aviendah Min Padan Fain Lan Loial Rand/Mat I'm kind of enjoying the Aes Sedai parts more than the "hero's journey" parts, at this point.
  7. Wow, that's about as bad as it gets. You can download a translation (official) online and it's just really bad PC fanfic that completely, purposely misunderstands Tolkien. Blech!
  8. It has taken me a while to get used to Michael Kramer's unusual cadence but I'm now hooked. I had EOTW on in the car all day. I'm not an audio book fan, I'd rather read a book at home & listen to music in the car. But now that I'm used to the narrator's voice, it's a real treat. There's so much woven into the text, every time you read or hear it, you uncover new layers. I definitely want to listen to the whole series now but only after I've read each book.
  9. Here is a good resource for keeping track. http://www.encyclopaedia-wot.org/ Very nice thank you!
  10. It's not the only thing I'm reading (!) I'm also reading WOT rather slowly, I also write novels. So yeah, it's a lot of side characters to keep track of. Some of them I remember or half remember when they crop up but not if they were mentioned once in EOTW or TGH. I imagine it only gets more dense as it goes on . . .
  11. Well, I'm back on track after a long detour! I finished TDR months ago but a lot of things got in the way since then. Now that things have calmed down some, I can immerse myself again. Query: Is TSR the only WOT book not to have a Prologue? Just a general question: I'm starting to feel the "burn" with all of the characters running around, has anyone kept notes while reading the series? Did it help? I'm thinking of starting a journal of notes to go along with my reading just to keep things straight!
  12. It was the craziest blind luck ever. Right now they're fetching $550.00-750.00 but I've seen these go for much more. Just seeing his own handwriting inside the book really gets me jazzed. I never got to meet the man.
  13. So I went to the library yesterday and found this on the $1.00 book shelf: Eye of the World Hardcover w. dust jacket 1st Printing 1st Edition Autographed Dated (1995, South Carolina) Condition: Mint I'm still pinching myself. I can't believe my luck! * * * * I'm about to start Book 4. The past few months were pretty intense & I got sidetracked.
  14. I'm on a similar journey, I just finished book three!
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