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  1. I finished the book in a marathon read, slept few hours between. Hard to find words, I did like the ending, it was the right ending but there were few things I really disliked, Sharan`s appearing being the biggest. I can get emotionally connected to characters when watching movies but I didnt expect tears to form in my eyes, still when Noal would return from the dead, mind you, to one who had lost everything. To one who has lost, which at times feels close to everything, it was something that really affected me. I`ll have to spend day or two before jumping into discussions, a bit to think trou
  2. Its 5 o'clock in the morning... Between starving, not being able to sleep and cramps - I have still spent most of the night being too excited to sleep. Next time doc wants lab tests, he can kiss my... Anyway I got 2 hours till I need to wake up and bout another 2 hours till I have the book in my hands. After years of waiting I'll be able to finish the series and everything should be set for reading marathon. The excitement is ridiculous, I actually have been cleaning around the house tonight, maybe I can sleep hour or two before I gotta get up. I wonder how I deal with sleeping as I'm
  3. I realized I couldn't sleep last night, hopefully I go to bed today and just drop out of exhaustion as I want to finish book before sleeping tomorrow. Tomorrow is big day lab tests in the morning, bus ride to book store and waiting for fast food place to open so I don't need to cook, thus got more time to read. It's actually all you can eat place and with no eating before tests + not cooking and reading constantly, I might gain some looks from staff, lol.
  4. Forsaken know, offhand I can think of evil convention lead by Lanfear on shadow rising - "Half of the alive forsaken in one place and nobody trying to kill one another... Ishmael kept us from each others throats for a while...". I think it was Graendal's line. There was something bout not much of man left in him also, where Lanfear commented if they are only men, not something more. But yes, I think we only got Moiraine's explanation how the body is only man's and not DO's, add Verin's note trough Egwene. Now that I think it, Perrin might not know on screen and I can't remember if all the
  5. The problem with this is how everybody relevant knows ba'alzamon was Ishmael and thus there being mistake regarding is slim IMO. Too many know bout it, Rand and boys, Moiraine, Egwene and co, Forsaken. Rand thought he killed Dark One few times but even he accepted it was Ishmael after battle in Stone.
  6. I was disappointed in the memory tbh. Line started well but I felt the end to be meh, which annoys me. It's supposed to make you ready for shit to get serious but to me it didn't really work tbh.
  7. Respect. I'll be posting my review at 12:01 on the 8th, lol. Looking forward to lunch on friday!!!! Is your review spoiler free or should I read the book first to not spoil myself? Though unless it's on east coast time, doesn't matter to me as I'll have the book by 12.01 west coast time, which is 10am my time. I could get the book at 8am but gotta go take some lab tests that morning. Ps. Less than a week to go, driving me crazy <.<.
  8. I'm pretty sure while champion of light has gone over to shadow, it's never been the dragon soul (Rand). There is other souls used as champion of light and some of those have turned. I can't deal with my iPhone to actually find the quote from database atm though.
  9. 1. Least one of the Forsaken survive last battle. 2. We will see a Forsaken turning back to light, likely for more or less corrupted reasons. I've always liked Ishmael for that, from betrayer of hope to bringer of hope. Kinda similar symmetry as with taint coming when all seemed won and being cleansed when all seemed to be in chaos. Then again I've had theory on Ishmael being champion of light that got turned dark - The taunting Ishy did to Rand bout Rand serving DO while he still was Ishmael as while Ishy lied bout Rand, champion of light had turned in past according to RJ. 3. Lan wi
  10. It happens after Rand kills Ishmael and tells both aiel and defenders to stop fighting as he is the dragon reborn. I think aiel even dropped on their knees chanting dragon reborn like defenders did, which is pretty out of character.
  11. I read most of tDR yesterday and I did ponder on subject. I felt confident bout Mat's luck as it certainly has helped but it hasn't been vital that much - Till tower of Ghenjei, which debunks the idea I suspect. Another thing that bugged me on those chapters is whole mountains of mists being unlucky - it was refered also in first book and while horn of Valere wasn't there like Faile suspected, it was logical assumption. I remember boys bragging to Thom for being there and the whole unlucky being reason for it in the first book. But I can't see a way to use that in last book for anything.
  12. I think it's given Lan won't die, least on start of the book. Min's viewing bout him was baby with sword - while it's like Lan's past, RJ said Min's visions were always bout future. If Nynaeve was pregnant, it would show already as its been a while since they last met. I'd say Lan is safe till he gets to play with Nynaeve again.
  13. There is actually new memory out "What did you do when one power failed, the thing you relied upon to raise you above the common folk". Expect for wanting to replace the last you with yourself, leaves me sorta unaffected. That can only be Aes Sedai PoV. But naming that person is difficult as super girls still too connected to common ppl, Pevara doesn't really fit, Siuan and Leanne don't fit after stilling, kinda lost their arrogance there. Moraine and Cadsuane are even worse fit. Could it be Elaida PoV? She is arrogant and feels entitled enough for the thougth while being damane
  14. I have to say I truly enjoyed this excerpt. And to comment if this was full chapter? Doubtful, the thing cant have been more than 2 pages. 10 days to go, can't wait, wish I knew how to deal with the wait now.
  15. I have it planned out, I do have free time and I intend to hit bookstore the moment it opens on 8th - did that for last Harry Potter actually. For the next 30h or so I wont move for anything but fetching(/Calling for home delivery) big enough pizza for me to eat whenever I feel hungry and some Pepsi, you can never go wrong with Pepsi. Now I just need a cover story as xmas and new years I`ll be busy with my family and my sort of gf might want some attention all things considered. The 30h+ read + likely 10h+ sleep to recover - It`s safe to say I`ll be 40h+ "underground". Oh the read marathons we
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