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  1. I feel the Perrin arc felt rushed. He just seemed to be thrown out of TAR, saved by Master Luhan and then deals with Slayer and Lanfear. All the while on the periphary. He was set up to be more influential than Mat and though of course he did save Rand's life etc his role was not as great as Mat's nor as exciting or interesting.
  2. I was disappointed with Elayne. The only time I have ever been impressed with her is controlling the palace in Caemlyn. That is where she excels and she certainly doesn't/shouldn't excel when it comes to battles and marshalling armies.
  3. You're missing the point then. The point isn't that there is no evil. The point is that people have lost their free will because they don't have the option to choose anymore. No, I don't think that killing the Dark One would have taken away the right for anyone to choose anything. Not having an outside entity actively pushing evil on the world isn't the same as removing people's capacity to do bad things. I think Rand had it wrong. I had a theory here before the book which seemed a bit insane but it really I thought made sense. In terms of the fact that it was made very clear that Mashadar, Shadar Logoth, Fain etc was a totally separate evil to the DO. That Evil was developed through jealousy, hatred etc. The DO was outside of the pattern. I would say that Mashadar really represented all those bad traits within men. The evil of the DO is a different kind of evil. An evil which is an external influence on the pattern and has the potential to cause the wheel to totally unravel and change its course. That is not something which is not built into humans but rather a totally different factor. Mashadar and the evil it represents are all the selfish traits of humans and so Rand could kill the DO without getting rid of that balance within each human. Obviously that was not how RJ saw it though as he did not write it like that and I think it was more of a mad theory then anything else.
  4. Have not looked through this thread but there were a couple of typos within the book. One which got me pretty worried was Logan as opposed to Logain. I hoped it was not a turned version of Logain or something. Knowing his mental instability at the time you could never know :) Also I cant recall when but there is one reference to Myrelle fighting. Myrelle was with the Aes Sedai who went to bond the Ashaman (Nynaeve travelled there to get Lan's bond) and she should have still been there I believe. (I need to re read that as it may have made sense actually, just finished so a bit all over the place) Also there is one point where I believe it was Androl (I think) who was described as making trollocs go through gateways and then having them deposited on the other side. (I think they were still alive, but maybe they were not)
  5. I highly doubt he is a darkfriend. To obvious what with Faile's suspicion and anyways the fear did not seem to be a DF fear but something else. Very possibly compulsion or something along those lines.
  6. A lot of foreshadowing for both Bashere and Agelmar to be darkfriends. I would say it is more likely Bashere than Agelmar and I doubt both of them will be.
  7. Terez did say there were in fact 2 references to homosexual males in the book. I think she said both were those of minor characters.
  8. As other's pointed out, Jordan left behind many resources for the Shadow. The one that was severely under utilized was the Red Veiled Aiel. If the book said that in 2000 years, their number had risen to around 2000 channelers, would we have doubted? And that would certainly have tilted the scales against the Aes Sedai and Wise Ones very well. Now what has happened to the Rev Veiled Aiel? I get the feeling they are in Shayol Guhl but I doubt all of them are just lining up there. And the dreadlords at the gap do seem to in fact be from the Black Tower. The problem being also that the Red Veiled Aiel with such numbers would have to be matched up against a big sect of channelers then. Who knows maybe they will battle their kin the Aiel wise ones in SG? Btw do these threads have to clogged up with people criticising the writing? I have the same criticisms as many of you, but I have waited for this book for too long to let those dampen my enthusiasm. In fact I have just read around 15 chapters tonight when I was supposed to be revising for my upcoming exam :D I am sure there will be many topics open to this debate and there probably are already for those people who have already read the book. But let this topic and the other "pre the end" topics not be filled with all this moaning. It has basis but I come to these threads to discuss what is happening in the book at the current moment. Not to moan.
  9. Just read chapter 14 and wow it was epic. That chapter just saved the book from its previous mediocrity and boring attempts at implementing wargare.
  10. Sorry I meant Androl bonding her. I said that but then got confused and also mentioned Pevara bonding him. Have edited it.
  11. Really have enjoyed the Black Tower so far with Androl and Pevara. The FOM meeting was pathetic. All the build up and then it is just Rand making some demands which totally seem out of character. Whatever Rand is he is not naive. Yet in the Last boon chapter he comes across as naive and not calculating and assured as he has been in the past, all this build up and clever manipulation to get all the powers in the worlds together and then he just presents them with the demands. Lol I dont swallow that Brandon. It is evidently Brandon attempting to bring out his more human side, but Imo it comes out awfully.
  12. It is not Graendal, but Lanfear as she was described a slim and rather pretty as far as I can recall. Graendal in her current form is far from that.
  13. There certainly seems to be mistake when it mentions Androl having bonded her prior to actually her being bonded that was not corrected in my edition.
  14. The reference to the Demandred - Roedran theory is rather crudely done. It just seems to be a bit superficial especially as it is aimed directly at the internet fans.
  15. There is a direct quote from Moridin in TOM to Graendal where he articulates the prophecy about how time will not be cyclical anymore.
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