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  1. To be honest it doesn't matter what I say, I'm one man, and the project will not be going ahead regardless of what hat you wear. They need to muster up another $448,534.00 and that ain't happening. Edit: Don't call me a Troll, I am a customer of Red Eagle who is fed up with their broken promises. And they haven't said a thing about the community because they are so far removed and in a world of their own. I told them that it looks like they have lost the support of the WoT community - and it does look that way, see above. Also, "By the way, Kilika?" is not a question. Just so you know for the future.
  2. I've asked Red Eagle, on the kickstarter page, if this is some kind of practical joke...will be interesting to see if I get a response. Down with Red Eagle. They have really ruffled my feathers with this crap.
  3. I think it's funny, I've posted on Jet Set Games comment section and the facebook page for the app game and both posts got deleted. They weren't offensive in the slightest, just saying that it looks like they have lost support from the WoT community seeing as in seven days they have only managed to get $1,466.00. Only $448,534.00 to go. In 22 days. What a joke.
  4. Ah that is good. Feel better for the people who have donated now.
  5. Lol thats a good point Alric, if you are in that camp. Don't think that's REE/G main objective though
  6. I very much doubt you would see a return of any sort, there is talk of in-game likenesses and such for high rollers but it seems like a farce to me, or even just day-light-robbery. They have 25 backers so far with $953 and 26 days left to get up to the ‘magic’ $450,000 mark. A bit of stupid goal. My question would be, if they don’t get to $450,000 (which they won’t) would the 25 people get their money back…answers on a postcard. My guess is no = they are stealing your money!
  7. Ok, I will try and not be horrible and insulting and express my opinion in a polite manner. Red Eagle Entertainment/Games have promised us the moon. And so far have produced very little. They have promised us a comic of a new spring, a MMORPG, a xbox/ps3/wii game AND a movie. And what have we got? A half finished comic. And now a kickstarter for US to give THEM half a million dollars to make an iphone/android game. See: http://www.dragonmou...obile-game-r387 HALF A MILLION DOLLARS. To be perfectly honest. I’ve had enough. Please post your comments, both for and against. And also answer my poll. Thank you for reading. Kilika.
  8. TLDR That's a lie I read it all. But I don't care. The gist of it, Ablacquiere, is: we were promised a comic of a new spring, a MMORPG, a xbox/ps3/wii game AND a movie. And what have we got? A half finished comic and a money grabbing company asking us for nearly half a million dollars for some crappy phone app game. I mean have you played Highborn by Jet Set Games? It's awful. And only has 2 stars and 5 reviews in the UK iphone app store. Because it's a crap game from a crap software developer. And with the next-generation of xbox, playstation and wii coming out don't try and tell me that REG are 'getting on the train' because consoles are a dying breed. Get real. They are a small company with no identity. THAT is the reason they are talking to Jet Set Games because no big time AAA game developer or movie studio would even entertain them and their two-bit organisation. So they have had to go to a Z-list phone app developer instead. And they have the cheek to ask us for money! What have they actually done since they got the rights to WOT? I'll tell you...NOTHING! I’ll be setting up a boycott page on the Dragonmount forums today. Anyone that feels similar should post on the thread to show that we are unhappy with Red Eagle.
  9. I can’t express how infuriated and insulted this has made me.
  10. What happened to a movie, or the MMO, or their deal with Obsidian? $450,000, I repeat, 450,000 frickin dollars for a phone app game? You have got to be kidding me. No doubt it will cost $20 to download and won’t work right, and won’t feel anything in the slightest WoTish. Seriosuly now folks, do not waste your money giving it to these jokers. Where can we sign a petition to get rid of Red Eagle and let someone else have a go?
  11. thanks guys image worked but yeah i dont think they are real i currently dont have any tattoos these would be my first and last i've always wanted a big dragon tattoo and having worked at a swimming pool throughout my years as a teen I have seen a lot of bad tattoos I can safely say that people with loads of little tattoos all disconnected and in different styles look daft
  12. In light of Jason's new and awesome tattoo, can I ask the community if anyone has tattoos of the dragons wrapping round their forearms? Seriously considering getting them myself, but I fear I might anger Mangin.
  13. http://www.amazon.com/wishlist/A0YBR8DRTAAU/ref=sr_1_1_acs_wl_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1317949186&sr=8-1-acs I felt like being helpful today. Thanks very much :D Does anyone have any questions they would like me to ask him?
  14. how come you recommend I don't? too fanboyish? I am having seconds thoughts if I am honest lol
  15. Hey folks, Brandon Sanderson is coming to Scotland in November and I was planning on gifting him a pack of those magic cards he is always going on about on facebook. Does anyone know where I could buy some? Thanks in advance, Fraser
  16. At the end of the Eye of the World we hear the Creator or the Dark One speaking directly to Rand. Can you ask Brandon Sanderson if we will find out in a Memory of Light who was speaking to Rand and why? Thanks Fraser
  17. Based entirely on this beautiful quote from Robert Jordan I say that Rand will die at the end of the final book. "He came like the wind, like the wind touched everything, and like the wind, was gone." Makes me well up every time I read that quote.
  18. If Morgase took control of Andor after a succession war, then she was never the Daughter-heir, so she should never have gone to the tower. She can't have gone after she gained control of Andor as she would have been queen then. But she also can't have gone before then as there was another queen and if she went during the succession war then she would never have won the thrown. I'm confused. Doing a re-read and I am sure it is caught later on in the series, maybe when Faile and Morgase and co get kidnapped, but it is sorta bugging me right now. Cheers.
  19. ah, that makes so much sense :) cause the trolloc is like sitting on top of him and he couldnt get to his sword, and gelb said he did tie the boom up excellent cheers majsju it was just bugging me on my reread to be honest it was a bit silly to start reading the eye of the world so close to towers of midnight coming out :/
  20. The first time rand channeled he healed Bela of fatigue when fleeing the Two Rivers. He suffered a sickness from touching the True Source unguided in the form of 'bout of reckless bravado with a trio of whitecloaks'. And the next incident of him channeling I can see is when he calls down lightening against Howal Gode, and he suffers a form of sickness from that too. So my question is, what was that all about on the Spray? You will all remember he goes a bit loopy and hangs on to the top of the mast nearly falling, then zip lines it down the rigging and does a tumble at the end. It seems to me that this must have happened as a direct cause of him channeling, but it can't have been from Bela, so when did he channel? Or was he just being cocky and happy at being free / up so high? Sorry if this has been asked before, i did have a quick wee look, if it has just gimme a link to the relevant page. Cheers.
  21. It's wee things like that, that hopefully will get picked up in later editions of the book. As I know they are all running to a tight schedule. Also things like, from TGS, calling everybody a "creature". I don't think RJ ever once called anyone a creature.
  22. First off, I loved it......... Mat seemed 'truer' in this sneak peak of a chapter. You have to remember that he's not going to be the same Mat as before, since his marriage. But like many of you have noted; the whole 'checking out' all the women and being way too super confident about his winning smile was a bit much. Some miss-placed words and phrases caught me off guard and reminded me that this is, no matter how much I love him, Brandon Sanderson writing and not Robert Jordan. The main thing that catches my eye is this sentence; That should be in a Suian Sanche scene! Not in a Mat scene! Harriet should have picked up on that. Totally took me right out the story as it doesn't fit Mat's character. Ruined the chapter for me. What do you all think?
  23. Brandon's response so there you have it, we WILL be told what the deal is with the voice, we just have to RAFO If this is not a very poorly taste joke, than I have to say "YEAHHH!!!! or F*** YEAH!!!!" this whole thing about the voice to me is more important than who killed Asmo or the BcUT. The whole WoT universe revolves around those words (the nature of DO and more importantly the Creator and the purpose i guess). In any event, without being too deep, we NEED TO FIND OUT NOW! WHERE IS THE ToM and MoL???? :) I think I'll start the countdown web page for the release of MoT...yes I will. :D No joke, you can only take my word for it, but it's no joke. I was as giddy as school girl when I go the reply from Brandon, I'd actually forgot I emailed him. I also emailed him to see if TOR would ever do a full leather bound edition of the series once it was complete but I never got an answer back about that *fingers crossed* though cause that would be awesome. No matter how much it would cost, I'd buy it.
  24. sorry Luckers :( it just im at the end of knife of dreams and havent read the gathering storm yet and didnt really need any spoilers
  25. Luckers comment: Removed. I empathise, but no namecalling.
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