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  1. One of the things I had real difficulty following was the Sword Forms. The Forms have esoteric, symbolic, even totemic names, and a scant few are described in any detail in the books. I always wanted Jordan to publish a video compendium of Sword Forms so we could better understand the relationships in real tactical and even (micro-) strategic levels-- whether quick-kill combos in full melee battle, or in longer-form duel mode (there is strategy in dueling). I was just talking to an old friend about how abstract the Sword Forms are in the books, and shared my wish that there was a vis
  2. Alannah's passing of her coveted Bond to Nynaeve was one of the most beautiful moments of this book. I wept openly thinking that the four women who shared his Bond were four ofthe most wonderful women in the world... Min, Elayne, Avienda, and most especially, Nynaeve, who's unconditional, overarching, and utterly trustful love for Rand, and the other boys, always brought me to tears when she committed herself, and allowed herself to get out of her skin. The cleansing of the Saidin taint 'With The Choedan Kal' had me in racking sobs through the entirety. Her sacrifices, and unbarred leap
  3. I suspect it was both and it was Demandred opening the worlds biggest waygate, which is the kinda superfocused thing you want to do with a huge circle. Gateway. Not a Waygate. Waygates are the doors to The Ways.
  4. Odd thought about all the battles... Is the ebb and flow of the four (five, including Merrilor) battles a reflection of Rand's progress in the Pit of Doom, like the battle of Falme reflected in the progress of the first fight between Rand and Ishy in "The Great Hunt"? Same deal writ big, and more subtle?
  5. I highly doubt he is a darkfriend. To obvious what with Faile's suspicion and anyways the fear did not seem to be a DF fear but something else. Very possibly compulsion or something along those lines. Vanin is definitely not a Darkfriend. My take is that he was using his super scout skills to find out what Faile was sneaking about trying to hide. He's not the kind to accept authority for authority's sake. Anyone notice the Lanfear moon as the chapter icon for the chapter where Faile & co get sent to the Blight? I don't know how Lanfear caused all that to happen, but mark my words,
  6. It was the moment that I realized that exact point when I found myself finally unable to excuse Sanderson's horrible writing in this book. After that, finishing it was just a grudgefrack. Death by a thousand papercuts... last straw.
  7. Yes. And then they hatched a strategy that would ensure Caemlyn could not be won quickly. That made no sense to me, even if Bashere was already compromised. Nobody raised the point that waiting a week for the trollocs to chase Perrin back to the Woods would allow several hundred thousand additional trollocs to come through the way gate? And that in the meantime the bulk of the light forces would be standing idle? Pretty sure they were under the impression the trollocs would be hungry and itching for a fight. If the trollocs charge out immediately then it's a decent enough plan. Levelling the
  8. As I wrote... There were over 1700 Kinswomen, A scant few were afield and not gatherable, but Elayne had them all. Elayne SHOULD have had HUNDREDS of Battle-Ready Kinswomen, or the circled equivalent of at least 200 Full-bore, heavy-duty Aes Sedai. The book tells us she had a few dozen on the field at any given time-- not linked in strength. Even at the moment when all was lost, before Logaine appeared, the count was only a few dozen, She had all that could be gathered. Damned near 1700 strong. The numbers that Sanderson puts up simply do not add up to the Reality of what Jordan told us we
  9. Can anyone identify the one opportunity when Taim's operatives had the opportunity to steal the seals? Somewhere between Rand stashing them, and his handing the parcel to Egwene, or when Egwene set them aside? There was that time when Tobraine and others were attacked out of the blue, and such. Was that the putsch for the Seals?
  10. The Channelers of the Light Count Deficiency Issue... Channelers Available before Seanchan and Ashaman joined the battlefield fight: White Tower post-reunification and Post Black Ajah purge= ~850 by Egwene's own reckoning-- Battlefield Ready ~650 (I am figuring about 150 Full Yellows sent to Mayene's Hospital, and 100 Greys for Logistics, as per AMoL asides) 11 Aiel Holds of Wise Ones (based on Shaido Hold having ~200) = ~2200 Wavefinders of Tramalking= ~350 Kinwomen (based on 1700 total, as per the book, assuming those that didn't pass the final AS Test, but powerful enough for bat
  11. Why would that be a question? He's Moiraine's Warder, that's why he was allowed to go. This was a parenthetical, with qualifier: (We'll leave the whole question of why he was allowed to go in the first place alone, and accept the fact on its face.) The Big BOLDED question at the bottom is what needs to be answered. Slayer shows up several times after Perrin plants the Dreamspike forcing Slayer to walk into the entrance. How did non-channeling, not-very combatant Thom, in is Loud-assed patchwork Gleeman's cloak, escape Slayer's notice? To answer YOUR question, Rand ruled-out Min
  12. Here's another question: If you were a female Channeler going to barren, rocky Shayol Ghul to fight the Last Battle to save the entire world, would you... Wear your finest gown of yellow or blue fabric, and fine, delicate slippers? Or... Bite the bullet on your pride, and wear something more practical like a Cadin'sor to be more stealthy and blend in to the surroundings? Are Moridin and Shai'tan the gay maven critics from "In Living Color"? Were the women afraid of getting dissed in the "Z-Formation" for dying in those clothes? Utterly OT: I am not only glad that this is the last o
  13. OK. Here's a question. 1. Thom decides to come along to Shayol Ghul. (We'll leave the whole question of why he was allowed to go in the first place alone, and accept the fact on its face.) 2. He says he'll just hang out at the entrance of the Pit of Doom, waych the action and write a Ballad of the Last Battle or something. 3. Perrin drops the Dreamspike into the PoD cavern to stop Slayer's blinking into the Pit and killing Rand, forcing Slayer to blink to the entrance and walk in to do his dirty work. 4. Slayer kills lots of the wolves Perrin has set to guard the entrance every time he
  14. I loved Mat's story and character right up until A Memory of Light. Brandon Sanderson decided to kill off Matrim Cauthon, and replace him with a doppleganger. I can't figure out whether it is Han Cauthon, or Mat Solo. My "mental voice" for the character can only hear Harrison Ford's voice when reading Mat's dialogue, any more. Sad.
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