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  1. Anyone but Gawyn and Elayne. I kind of like the Aiel Clanchiefs, the good Asha'man, most Warders, Cadsuane (call me crazy), Talmanes, etc.
  2. The one thing that fascinates me most is one of an advanced society imploding, with events repeating itself 3000 years later in a less sophisticated, less advanced era, with hardly any physical or anecdotal evidence on that Age of Legends, save for some prophecies/relics/architectural wonders. The entire storyline of some of the Age of Legend's most brilliant minds in their specific field of study being corrupted by the Shadow, culminating in a clash and the sealing of the Bore has got me fascinated. Oh how I yearn for one or more books on those events.
  3. I just got here! Have been lurking for some time and read the books back in 2005. Have done my reread the past 2 years and finally got to TGS (300 pages in) and aching for ToM. I should finish both in time for the final book :)
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