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  1. the voice also refers to him as "the chosen one" somthing a creator would say. if you take everything the voice says into consideration all at once, all evidence points and the creator, and not really at anyone else. i really dont see why this is a debate *shrug* side note: i think the next time we hear the voice will be at the very end when the creator congradulate rand on a job well done, but reminds him that this is not the end...just an end.
  2. ive always seen rand as jesus. somone chosen by the creator to save mankind. since there is soo many refrences to mythology and religion in the series, this idea doesnt seem all that far fetched. jesus was a martyr so i believe rand should be a martyr as well. the prophesy of rands birth was straight forward and completely literal. 'he will be born on the slopes of dragonmount' well...he was born on the slopes of dragonmount. so why shouldnt his death be equally as literal? another thought. maybe prophecy follows a parabolic curve. maybe the prophecy of his birth is completely literal, but as his life progresses the prophecy and viewings become more ambiguous to a certian point and then gradually become less ambiguous until his death which is completely literal? he dies on the slopes of shayl ghul, and that then also becomes the new dragonmount...right? if thats the case then that might be the key to completely sealing the bore again. *shrug* i havent even finished book four yet why the hell am i commenting on anything? Oh Yea! Thats right! Im an American!
  3. i agree. though there are soo many of us that would like to participate, but we are all spread out around the world. so why dont we post any prayers, good wishes, or comments for RJ here? I honestly cannot find better words than these, and when tragedy strikes someone close to my heart i like to share this piece of my "scripture" (please MJK dont smite me for this!) "Embrace this moment. Remember. We are eternal, and all this pain is an illusion."
  4. so yesterday it was like 75 degrees, almost too hot to wear my hat (APC beenie), and today i wake up to a frozen car and at work it starts sleeting soo bad we all got to go home. wtf mates! if you ever get the opportunity to move to texas...dont.
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