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  1. There were 2 votes for AMoL...maybe it was RJ and Harriet. *shrug* they'd be the only two that could have 'read' it. I voted for TEotW since its the beginning. It also stands alone rather well. even though the reader knows there is more, it has a very complete feeling.
  2. I think i missed something about skimming, but why didnt rand just skim avienda and himself out of seanchan? Does he have to know where he is with relation to where he wants to go?
  3. Probably because hes realized that after this is all said and done hes going to be dead. At least thats what he thinks.
  4. It was the Creator. Its so obvious I dont know why I didnt think of it sooner. The Creator had means, motive and opportunity. Much more of these than any other character. 1 Means : Uh...Creator...can do whatever he/she wants. 2 Motive : Asmo was a Darkfriend, thought helping rand, still signed his soul over to the DO. 3 Opportunity : see #1. Even if you dont want to go as far as "The Creator", RJ is The Creator. Asmo is one of his characters. At some point RJ decided that Asmo needed to die, so he killed him. If it was "The Creator" or if RJ was just finished with him doesnt really matter...either way I'm right. The Creator Did It.
  5. If im not mistaken, The Wheel of Time is a Hindu, or buddhist concept. Leaning more towards Hindu. The snake biting its own tail, a symbol of infinity, is a concept accepted more by non-christians. Time extending indefinantly into the past and future is not somthing christians are all that keen on. Needless to say there is plenty of non-christian imagery throughout the entire series.
  6. I really dont understand why people ask this question. There is absolutely no way it could be anyone other than the creator. Yea, sure, the DO speaks in all caps, but the DO would not say, "I will take no part", mostly because he is taking part. The DO would also never refer to Rand as "the Chosen One." Rand was chosen by the Creator, not the DO. The final, and most convincing argument is the statement "If he will." This implies free will. This statement is the very last thing the DO would say, ever. The DO is known to force people to the dark, not an implication that hes real keen on this "free will" idea. once you break it down its pretty easy to see that its The Creator. END OF ARGUMENT.
  7. I'd be a Tinker-Gleeman, and I'd call myself John Lennon. Either that or a shepheard from the Two Rivers. In hopes that I may wind up with a purpose in life.
  8. TDR is one of my favorites. I giggled the whole way through. How many scenes actually had rand in them? you get to meet faile, and some aiel, and Julian. the last 10-15 chapters are awsome.
  9. spine. you figure out how to reconnect it, and they'll start doing it.
  10. you're right. the DO wouldnt call him the chosen one, and the DO has had a hand in things. its very similar to how "god" is with our world. he has no hand in what happens, but chose one boy to be the savior of humanity. (sorry for the christian refrence, but a lot of theology from many religions, including christianity since RJ is christian it makes sense, is used throughout the entire series. the LTT theory is debunked by the fact that LTT never talks in all caps.
  11. personally i think Logain will step over Rand to finish sealing the bore. he gains his glory by being remember as the Dragon Reborn. he gets credit for finishing everything, and Rand is dead. thats why hes laughing. he proclaimed himself the Dragon Reborn, and was denied, but he winds up getting the rememberance. its also why in the dream rands face shatters. its a symbol that rand is not remembered as TDR. He loses his title in the end. *shrug* i like it because everyone wants rand to live happily ever after, and thats just not how life works. it would please me more for that to be the ending. with the creator acknowledging rands soul as completeing his task and allowing him to rest for a while.
  12. not that this really belongs here, but all religion has good aspects...but every religion boils down to one simple rule. 'Do unto others as yee would wish others to do unto you.' the golden rule. its the dogma that ruins it.
  13. without tolkein i wouldnt be able to cast magic missle at the darkness
  14. with all this whos major and whos minor...why dont we just say every character is a major character. they all serve their purpose, and w/o them "we're gonna have a bad time!" on another note: Hopper would be my choice. though for some reason i always recalled Hopper as female. i may have been too stoned through the first three books to remember genders of minor characters...*shrug* can "the creator" be considered a minor character. as of now "the creator" has only had a few lines in the series. infinity is soo cool, and obviously a creator must be infinite, that'd make "the creator" the coolest character of them all. weeeeeeeeeeee! (yes i believe that those few lines in all caps at the end of tEotW was the creator talking to Rand. all the evidence points that way as opposed to the DO. I really dont see why there is still this discussion about who it was.)
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