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  1. There were 2 votes for AMoL...maybe it was RJ and Harriet. *shrug* they'd be the only two that could have 'read' it. I voted for TEotW since its the beginning. It also stands alone rather well. even though the reader knows there is more, it has a very complete feeling.
  2. I think i missed something about skimming, but why didnt rand just skim avienda and himself out of seanchan? Does he have to know where he is with relation to where he wants to go?
  3. #1 "Samuari X" (otherwise knows as the Ruroni Kenshin OVA) came first. #2 the animation is obvioiusly much better in the ova than in the tv series #3 it takes place when kenshin is being the batosai, much better than when hes being a little sissy.
  4. So, Jason, is there an eta on the DM apparell?
  5. Probably because hes realized that after this is all said and done hes going to be dead. At least thats what he thinks.
  6. Platonic love is like the love a parrent has for its child, or the love you have for your pet. you love your dog, but arent in love with your dog. you're not sexually attracted to your dog...hopefully. Its not called anything. Its my own personal belief based on the expirences that ive had. When I say purest form I'm refering to the fact that all matter is no longer that single point of infinate mass and infinate energy that I belive to be "God"...The All is really a better description, but God is a simpler noun. That singularity expanded bring everything into being. We have so far been unable to determine why it did so. It just did. All laws of physics break down at that instant before the Big Bang. This suggests that whatever that singularity is it defies all logic. In my book thats a huge neon sign saying "Supernatural Being" Gods Debris (happens to be the title to a thought expirement by scott adams. its free, just google it. Im also not stating this as a refrence. Im not claiming that its a piece of fact, I just enjoy the term 'Gods Debris') has clumped together over time, first forming elementary particles, then atoms and molecules, and eventually us. I never, at any point, stated that at some point God didnt exist. All I said was God is the creator, and everything is God. A paradox occurs that would make you believe that at some point God didnt exist. That singularity is infinate matter, and all that matter now makes up the universe. Right now, God is not conscious of itself. We are conscious of ourselves, and our brains are powerful enough for us to figure out the workings of the universe, tiny fragment by tiny fragment. We think logically, and from a logical standpoint existance happening by chance is nil. Somthing must have created it. Honestly, you're going to have to do a bunch of LSD, and DMT to understand my perspective. Its entirely too complicated to go into full detail. These are just some broad concepts that I work with. With regards to the last bit, its not acceptable to me, or you, or most people on this plante, but it is acceptable to God. An expirence is an expirence. They dont have connotation like good or bad, they just are. We are the ones who judge. To make sure that expirences keep being expirenced. I suppose its about time to give you all one of the fundamental answers. At this point its the only one I have. Why do we exist? A question that has plagued mankind since the moment we were able to ask it. Well, I have the answer. But to understand why somthing was created, you have to understand what that thing does. Example : Car : What does a car do? It can transport a number of beings from point A to point B significantly faster and more efficient than vehicles before. Its also quite a bit more convenient than some. Unlike trains and planes, cars can take you directly to the place you wish to be. There is no station. Needless to say, we understand what a car does therefore we can understand why it was created. Now lets pose this with respect to humans. What do humans do? Some are doctors, or athletes, or buisness people. But these are professions. They arent the same. We must look at a more basic attribute. If I give you an apple, the first thing you must do is look at it so you can take it. you will see that it is green, or red, or yellow..whatever color apple i choose to hand you. When you take it you can feel that it is firm, but not too solid. The skin is smooth. When you raise it up to your mouth you can begin to smell it, though it does smell stronger after the skin is broken. You can taste it in your mouth. All of these are expirences, that the majority of mankind can expirence. There are those few who do not have one or more of their senses, but they are exceptions. You can feel love and fear. Hate and joy. The number of emotions that can be felt is enormous. All of these are expirences. That is why we exist, To Expirence. On a final note, I must say that you are not bigot. You have a religion, wich is cool. You are able to discuss ideas that disagree with your beliefs in a rational and intelectual maner. You are thinking for yourself, and thats all that matters.
  7. you shouldve seen me when I smoked. mmmmmmmm, mmmmm. They taste soo goooood!
  8. Disclamer: I use the word 'God' very loosely. I am in no way refrencing any earthly deity of any kind. ********************* God is infinate. God is everything. If thats true, then every individual particle is a tiny piece of God. That makes humans tiny fragments of God. God created everything, and everything is God, therefore God created itself. That is why God is so special. If the charge on an electron or proton were any different, I mean even the slightest, nothing would exist as we know it. We probably wouldnt. All of the math suggests that chance is pretty much not an option. Someone or somthing had to bring this into being. ********************* My belief is this: That big bang singularity, where all matter existed in the exact same point in space, was "God" in its purest form. A Supreme Consciousness. God is not some anthropromorphic entity sitting on a throne in some etherial plane. God is everything and everyone. God permiates all of existance expirencing all expirences being expirenced indefinantly. God does not judge. All expirences are important to God. God cannot expirence emotion like we expirence in 'His' purest form. What could God fear? What could God hate? God's love is platonic. God does not feel sexual love. This is why we exist. We are mortal, which means we have to make the most of our consciousness. We have to go expirence as many expirences as we can, because, eventually, we will die. We cannot say for sure what happens to our consciousness when we die. Does it go to heaven? Does it return to that Supreme Mind? Does it just disappear? Thats why we feel all of those emotions, they let us know that we are, for the little time that we can be sure. ...Im not really quite sure where im going anymore. *Bubble, Bubble, Bubble. FOOOSHH! *smile*...* I do believe that God will be whole again. This will only happen when all things expirence the exact same expirence at the exact same time. When we become one. I think the only thing anybody should do is live their life the way they belive it should be lived. Wether your a devout Christian, or a child molestor. All expirences are important to God.
  9. I'd be afraid that I'd have to pay RJ royalties for using his trademarked symbols. What'd be cool, Aes Sedai wedding rings.
  10. Oh snap! Completely forgot about this one, and was listening to npr when the name poped up. (apparently its a senators last name) Armatage III. its very Ghost-in-the-Shell-esque. Very Pretty Oh boy I loved Advent Children. I had absolutely no friggin idea what was going on...7 was too darn long for my taste, but at least it wasnt 5. This movie is a visual orgasm. Honestly I'll count FF7:AC as anime. It follows all laws of anime. It being cgi is the only difference from typical anime. Everything about it screams anime...*shrug*
  11. actually, when i first read it, i thought of celebrity deathmatch. Why would anyone think otherwise? they were talking about a wrestling match, then Rob said "LETS GET IT ON!" The ref says that in, what, every boxing match? As long as its in context, it really cannot be taken any other way. If he wasnt refrencing CD, then in partial context it can be construed as a homosexual statement because it was directed at another male, but that would be the farthest from the point. The real question is, why did you jump to homosexuality so fast. Usually only homophobes find homosexual implication in completely hetrosexual statements. Thats what weak minded conservatives do. I live in Texas...I hate these people.
  12. It was the Creator. Its so obvious I dont know why I didnt think of it sooner. The Creator had means, motive and opportunity. Much more of these than any other character. 1 Means : Uh...Creator...can do whatever he/she wants. 2 Motive : Asmo was a Darkfriend, thought helping rand, still signed his soul over to the DO. 3 Opportunity : see #1. Even if you dont want to go as far as "The Creator", RJ is The Creator. Asmo is one of his characters. At some point RJ decided that Asmo needed to die, so he killed him. If it was "The Creator" or if RJ was just finished with him doesnt really matter...either way I'm right. The Creator Did It.
  13. If im not mistaken, The Wheel of Time is a Hindu, or buddhist concept. Leaning more towards Hindu. The snake biting its own tail, a symbol of infinity, is a concept accepted more by non-christians. Time extending indefinantly into the past and future is not somthing christians are all that keen on. Needless to say there is plenty of non-christian imagery throughout the entire series.
  14. I really dont understand why people ask this question. There is absolutely no way it could be anyone other than the creator. Yea, sure, the DO speaks in all caps, but the DO would not say, "I will take no part", mostly because he is taking part. The DO would also never refer to Rand as "the Chosen One." Rand was chosen by the Creator, not the DO. The final, and most convincing argument is the statement "If he will." This implies free will. This statement is the very last thing the DO would say, ever. The DO is known to force people to the dark, not an implication that hes real keen on this "free will" idea. once you break it down its pretty easy to see that its The Creator. END OF ARGUMENT.
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