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  1. spine. you figure out how to reconnect it, and they'll start doing it.
  2. i think the reason that adult swim was created was to show the american public that there is such thing as adult cartoons. (not pornographic, just not for children) they have real value as far as animation quality, and ideas expressed. the problem was convincing teens and adults that cartoons are not just for kids. for crying out loud dbz and pokemon were originally intended for people from 13-17, not 6-9. there is a lot of sexual inuendo in these shows that was edited out because the audience that would watch it were significantly younger than the originaly intended audience (this is with respect for countries other than japan. i get the feeling that in japan the targets of the shows watch the shows so the editing isnt implemented there. at least thats how i understand it.)
  3. somthing i just found out/realized south park did that two part epis about depicting mohamad, and it was censored by Comedy Central, because depicting mohamad was going to piss off terrorists or some such. they did the 'super best friends' epis, where mohamad, along with representatives from every religion fight david blane. they werent ugly like the guy in denmark who drew him with a bomb for a turbin, he was saving the world and all. while typing this i realized that this epis aired in 01. 7/4/01. i was hoping that it occured after 9/11...i wonder? i realize this isnt anime, but it is animated...sorry.
  4. so whos funnier, stephen lynch or tenacious d? i say stephen lynch. i honestly dont understand why people likd tenacious d soo much. i dont think i ever will.
  5. i suppose the point i tried to make, but apparently was unable was that so much of the music produced these days has little to no thought put into it. just about anyone aside from the mentally handicaped could write a song about how cute somone is and how they want to be with attractive people. everyone feels that way. i use tool as my primary example because from where i stand no one puts more thought, effort and creativity into their product as those guys. it just blows my mind that most people really do want more of the same stuff. i spend my time trying to find artists that are completely different than what i already have. some wind up being in similar genres like Dream Theatre is with tool, or how Bone Thugs are with Atmsophere and Brotha Ali. or how Oasis and Coldplay are quite similar. I could go for some RHCP or even stray to jam bands like Phish, SCI or Wide Spread Panic. and then theres Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. notice that i can go from Psycodelic Industrial to Hip Hop to jam all the way back to real and true rock and roll. i guess i strive to find those that are over the top exceptional. and no, im not a monk, but i am really and truely considering it. i hate society soo much, if you havent already noticed. like i said in my orignal post AI is a catalyst for the degradation of the music industry. when you look at science and mathematics, what has been done is compunded on to try to find somthing new. AI doesnt support the attempt to create, it supports copying what has already been done. you quoted Bare Naked Ladies earlier "its all been done" yea for the most part thats true. but a lot of the ideas are taken by artists and 'looked at from a different angle, under a different light, so as to hopfully see it for the first time' they try to put their own personal twist on it. i suppose we ought to agree to disagree. it was nice to have somone disagree with me. ive let out a lot of pent up rage. thanks O.o
  6. i was skeptical at first of boodocks, but i found out that i loved it. are they still doing it? i heard it got canceled.
  7. oh snap! FLCL! this show is crazy! if you like things that are off the wall nutty, then this is for you. crazy chick riding a mopehead swinging a guitar at people. wow!
  8. i have not seen hellsing dubbed since i tend to avoid them as much as possible. they have been getting better since anime has been getting bigger and bigger over here. Even the dub for cowboy bebop and samuari champloo was good compaired to earlier dubs, but i still cannot stand it after ive seen it in japonese. personal prefrence, and i hope i do not come off as condecending to those of you who would rather watch it dubbed. I agree, if you cannot watch the animation, then theres no real point to watching animation. Ive just been doing it for soo long that ive gotten used to it. not used to having to watch it multiple times, but able to watch it and read subs at the same time. subs are pretty simple when you get to know them. you can skip most of the words, and understand what they're saying and a lot of times. usually durring dialog, its a still frame w/ a moving mouth which is rather handy. its not always like this. and honestly it seems rather silly to me for anyone to try to make a sequal to akira, when akira essentially dies at the end of the movie/manga. it'd be like making epis of bebop feat. only faye and jet. i mean who really cares about them anyway? spike and ed made the entire show...well vicious too. with this samuel l jackson project you refered to, do you mean "the boondocks" where he does a voice of one of the characters? possibly produced the show? i know he was involved, but im not sure exactly how much.
  9. i think thats the biggest complaint from english speaking people, the fact they either find out whats going on, or watch the pretty animation. eventually you gets used to it. when i started it took 2-3 times watching it to get it all in. i just cannot stand american voice actors. they just dont do it justice. sure they get the words essentially right, translation would be the only thing hindering that, but i just dont feel the emotion from the dub that i do when its in its original language. thats just me though. if ive never seen the anime before, and see it for the first time dubed, im ok. Once i see it subed i cannot go back. i get soo irritated. they made a seccond akira? i never heard about that. are you talking about a seccond anime, or the re-release of the manga in color?
  10. thats the only bandwagon ill jump on. round of applause for all haters of inuyasha
  11. how could i have forgotten about Ninja Scroll? that was one of the first good anime i ever saw. i agree with galten, dont watch street fighter. it makes dbz look intelegent. akira does make a lot more sense if you read the manga, as opposed to the anime. the anime consists of the first book, the first half of the seccond book, and the last third or so of the sixth book. there is soo much thats left out its amazing that they even tried.
  12. you're right. the DO wouldnt call him the chosen one, and the DO has had a hand in things. its very similar to how "god" is with our world. he has no hand in what happens, but chose one boy to be the savior of humanity. (sorry for the christian refrence, but a lot of theology from many religions, including christianity since RJ is christian it makes sense, is used throughout the entire series. the LTT theory is debunked by the fact that LTT never talks in all caps.
  13. personally i think Logain will step over Rand to finish sealing the bore. he gains his glory by being remember as the Dragon Reborn. he gets credit for finishing everything, and Rand is dead. thats why hes laughing. he proclaimed himself the Dragon Reborn, and was denied, but he winds up getting the rememberance. its also why in the dream rands face shatters. its a symbol that rand is not remembered as TDR. He loses his title in the end. *shrug* i like it because everyone wants rand to live happily ever after, and thats just not how life works. it would please me more for that to be the ending. with the creator acknowledging rands soul as completeing his task and allowing him to rest for a while.
  14. is it just me or have none of you watched anime that wasnt released in the U.S.? aside from beserk. loved that one. I havent seen a few of the ones listed, but I am really pleased to see good anime come to america now. oh and DBZ doesnt really count as anime. it sucks too much. you all missed the best one ever AKIRA! The manga is even better, but it costs nearly $200 to own all 6 volumes. Eva = awsome! oh dont watch the last two epis if you can help it. they lost funding towards the end and it makes absolutely no sense. after epis 24 watch 'End of Eva' Death and rebirth is pretty much a recap of the series, and not worth watching. Ghost in the Shell - just one of the best ; havent seen the seccond movie yet, but the original is great, and the series is up to par with the movie and such. Cowboy Bebop = awsome ; honestly i cannot watch it on adult swim when the bring it back...or had played it in the past, since ive seen it in its original language. Trigun = decent. i didnt really find it having all that much rewatch value, unlike cowboy bebop. Hellsing = awsome ; they're apparently making a seccond season too! YAY! Serial Expirements Lain = awsome ; not a lot of action in this one, its real psycological. Escaflowne - how dissapointing that fox had to cut it after 8 epis =[ Reccord of Lodus War - its essentiall D&D anime. quite pleasing to me being a nerdy D&Der. Princess Mononoke - one of the most beautiful anime ive ever seen, and supprisingly enough the american dub wasnt that bad, since it got a lot of attention, so they had real actors to voice act. better than the dub for most anime on cartoon network. Samauri Champloo Kenshin along w/ the ova otherwise known as samurai x here in the states .Hack//sign - i enjoyed this all the way up until the end. they made it out to have some profound ending, but it made absolutely no sense. iono maybe i have to play the game as well, but i dont want to bother with that. Vampire Hunter D - the first one is way better than bloodlust in my opinion. Battle Angel Alita - not a lot of people have seen this one, but its a classic. One of the first manga to be translated into english. its practically a staple of anime like akira and Vampire Hunter D. Trinity Blood - not my favorite. the "im a vampire that drinks the blood of vampires!" line being in every episode is retarded. its a neat premisce. it has some similarities to hellsing like the church having an elite squad of vampire hunters, but its a little too cheesey for my taste, but still better than dbz. Dragon Ball - as poor as the animation is, and how redundant the plotline is, it is still hellarious...that is if you see it unedited. i actually have most of the manga for it, but stoped buying it when the started releasing it in a smaller, yet fatter volume. it doesnt fit w/ my collection. darn you VIZ! Soultaker - its rather dark, and has a lot of plot twists. not the best, but worth a look. Generator Gaul - not a lot of people have seen this one from my understanding. Really neat premisce. definenately has some rewatch value, though its hard to find. Noir - ive only gotten myself to watch the first few epis, but its animate really well, and has some awsome action scenes. its probably a lot better than i can tell you about. there's a huge mystery about the lead character...as always. Naruto - i actually like this one, though its the next DBZ. if you havent watched the fan subs, and are really sticking to what has been released on CN, then you probably havent gotten as far as i have. there are instances where the animation breaks down. typically durring intense fight scenes. its not all that bothersome, but it is noticable. Gundam! - how can anyone forget about this? though every series around this is practically the same, who can hate giant robots? At this point Wing is my favorite...probably because i cannot get my hands of a full copy of Gundam X, or ZZ or Zeta. I got super pissed when CN cut the original before they finished airing the whole thing. this was probably caused by americans judging it by animation quality, and ignoring plot. *shrug* oh and dont bother watching gundam seed. total peice of garbage. at this point thats all i can think of, but ive seen more. wow...i watch too much anime. if you have watched anime with subs, avoid watching an english dub. it'll just piss you off. we dont have real voice actors in the states, so a lot of times they're rather monotone, or inflect the wrong words. plus they mouf doesnt sync up, and that was always the biggest complaint from the godzilla movies. though i do reccomend watching it subbed. you can feel the emotion better. ah snap! i forgot about El Hazard. another rare one, but probably the funniest anime ive ever seen.
  15. you didnt understand a single word i said did you? no i do not have a radio in my house. well...i do, but its not pluged in, and if i do plug it in its because i dont feel like putting the cd into my computer. and if i do listen to radio its NPR. you critized me for my spelling. how petty are you? No i do not think all "music" made this past decade is worthless. TOOL. not a single song they have written sounds like any other song they have written. in fact...they dont really sound like any other song written period, aside from what was on opiate...maybe. their use of sycopation, and time signatures far surpasses anything anyone else has tried to acomplish. they tackle topics that need to be addressed. how cute some girl is, or how cute some boy is is not relevant in the greater scheme of things. how you view yourself, and the world around you is. "this body, holding me, reminds me of my own mortality. embrace this moment, remember, we are eternal, and all this pain is an illusion." lets see kelly clarkson and/or her songwriters get anywhere near that profound. how about a song whos lyrics make good sense just listening to them. but if you pay attention to the sylables, it follows a fibinaci sequence. do you know what that is?...if not...kill yourself. *snicker* well, unless your not a sophmore in high school yet. if you're a freshman or below, i would understand if you dont know what that is yet. "black and white are all i see in my infancy red and yellow then came to be reaching out to me lets me see. there is so much more that becons me to look through to these infinate possibilities." IF YOU HAVE SONG WRITERS, YOU ARE NOT AN ARTIST. YOU ARE A PERFORMER. THE SONGWRITERS ARE THE ARTISTS. THEY DID THE CREATING, NOT YOU! and apparently these songwrites arent pretty enough to perform their own songs, so require some retard "hottie" to do it for them so they can make oodles of dollas! again, not the point to art. art is about expressing you're feelings. yes the music industry is an INDUSTRY. THEY ARE THERE TO MAKE MONEY. WHY? BECAUSE AMERICANS WILL BUY ANYTHING. AS LONG AS THEY ARE TOLD THAT THEY WANT IT. I only rant like this because that is how it works. people really do want to hear about some boy kelly saw one day, or some girl that justin timberlake is trying to bed. it sickens me to know that the majority of americans really dont want somthing new. not new in a sense that it hasnt been done at some point in time, but new enough to this generation. new kids on the block, followed shortly by the backstreet boys, n'sync, 98 degrees, o-town. all in the span of a few years. as opposed to hendrix/beatles ... 30 years later ... tool/dreamtheatre. you even mentioned the bare naked ladies. they are talented artists that do create their own product. for the most part it is a fairly unique sound, that pleases me just on the fact that there isnt a rip-off yet. or...10000 (ie blink182 and all their flunkies) honestly how many bands are travis barker and tom delong going to make? and each one of them sounds the same as the previous. thought is what creates art. real thought. the most thought that tom or travis or britney or christina or kelly or clay or who-fudgein-ever is finding the words to describe the exact same thing that somone else has, but different enough that they wont get sued. plenty of pop idols have put out two or more "albums" in one year. thats not enough time to mature as an artist. to have new ideas. to have resolved the feelings you felt that lead to writing the songs that you did. ...*shrug* why do i bother. you wont understand. the amount of people in the world that are inteligent enough, and open minded enough to understand what im trying to say is soo miniscule that its almost indeterminable. but if you wish to try, i reccomend a healthy dose of psylicybin mushrooms...and at least one tool concert...not at the same time though. bad idea for first timers. as i said above it just sickens me to know that people really do want the same BS over and over again. that most people really dont want variety. and maybe i am regurgitating this stuff because past attempts did not work. those of us that understand must press on so that everyone does. so that we all can realize that we are all one, and that there is no such thing as death. of wich you reply "no, thats not right" "yea well whatever, you cant teach 'americans' anything" (sorry chuck)
  16. not that this really belongs here, but all religion has good aspects...but every religion boils down to one simple rule. 'Do unto others as yee would wish others to do unto you.' the golden rule. its the dogma that ruins it.
  17. without tolkein i wouldnt be able to cast magic missle at the darkness
  18. i think tv started its downward spiral once saved by the bell ended. maybe even earlier. does anyone remember the hilander cartoon?
  19. i suppose its a curse everywhere its just very, very rarely used in the U.S. so i could get away with it in school.
  20. if im not mistaken "bloody" is considered a curse in the UK. i use it from time to time to enhance my f-bomb. for the most part i stick to words people recognize. if i use some curse RJ made up then my statment would probably get lost in the wind because people are stupid and cannot use context to understand meaning of a word/phrase they've never heard.
  21. hey! its the middle of the day somewhere! and im not a fantastic *snicker!* i just figure if you dont have a new or interesting idea you shouldnt waste our time. but ill never get through to most people. the american public wants the same BS over and over until their head almost explodes. i will never understand. i cant wait to die.
  22. -You can sing the rap to "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" My high school did this performance for the first year theatre students where they would play a song and they would have coriography (sorry for the spelling)three years in a row somone did the fresh prince opening. still a great show! -You remember when it was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons. honestly, what has happend to cartoons? they have all been replaced by dragon ball z and american rip off of said show. -You remember New Kids on The Block when they were cool they were never cool. -You watched the original Care Bears, My Little Pony, and Ninja Turtles in fact i own all of the original Ninja Turtles on vhs...granted i dont have a player for it...but i still have it all. and on another note: i was greatly disappointed with the new rendition of NT animated series, but they are making a cgi NT movie. i will have to go see it, just like i HAD to go see spider man. boy i hate toby mcguire. -You thought Brain would finally take over the world hes gonna...you watch!
  23. american idol, along with who wants to be a rock star, and any other "reality show" of this nature are catalysts in the degradation of the music industry. Granted the industry has been in a downward spiral for quite a while before AI started, but its spead up quite dramatically because of it. none of these people are artists. yes, they can sing, but all the songs they sing on the show are somone elses, and even when they get the record deal, nothing original comes out of it. This just makes americans believe that they too can become a rock star or a pop idol and make lots of money, and that frankly is not the point. music is a form of creative expression, but none of these people are creative what-so-ever. they bring no new topics or ideas into culture, and have no benifit to society. they are soley concerned with their bottom line. we should leave art to the artists, and not to people like tom delong and travis barker or kelly clarkson or clay akien (how on gods green earth did the peeping tom song get onto the radio?! thats a question harder to answer than "why do we exist?") i will however accept the first season of AI. a contest to find the best singer in america. somone who can actually sing unlike britney spears or christina aguleria. but why more? they already found the bloody american idol why-tf do we need to do it again? it makes me sick to see people actually supporting this garbage. needless to say if you like this show...kill yourself. if you like hearing the same BS over and over until your head almost explodes...kill yourself. if you take offense to anything ive said...kill yourself...actually if you take offense to anything...kill yourself. Oh! "if you're in advertising or marketing...kill yourself!" -Bill Hicks you know, the music industry is trying to crack down on people stealing "intelectual property" but what intelect has been used to produce most of it? a large majority of modern rap music is about degrading women, and having lots of money and expensive things. modern pop is either about boys, if a girl is singing, or about girls if a boy is singing. its been done...STOP! and most modern rock is the same, only whineyer and way more depressing. country is just down-right irritating, hence why i cannot say anything about modern country since i cannot get past that annoying twang they have in their voice. as far as classic country. its annoying and depressing. why do you think anyone cares about how you lost your dog, and your wife, and house, and kids...and all you want back is your dog? i should probably stop now. if i dont this'll probably be a three page post, and no one wants that. i have said this already, but will say it again. LEAVE ART TO REAL ARTISTS!
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