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  1. I will be sure to check that out. so much fun to see what others are making
  2. I make leather and fiberglass armor til now, havent realy tried much metal crafting yet but some and am going to welding school this january so probly gonna start getting some heavy stuff soon:)
  3. I think the biggest hero is Guards Lieutenant Martyn Tallanvor. But all times favorite is Matrim Cauthon. Especialy after the speach about nobles and shoes^^ As most men i do like the men better than most of the woman in the books though Aviendha is high up there. Of the groups and countries i love the aiel with a passion and i like the imageries i get in my head while reading the discriptions of the Seanchan thats why i am intending to make a Seanchan infantrist armor.
  4. Hey, stumbled on to this site while researching my next wot tatto and have been trolling it for a few hours now. I am from the cold north of Norway and i should be in bed hours ago but i just cant stop Just one more thred to read and then go to bed.. ok that was 2 threds ago why are you still here? ofc have to do introduction. love this site and i think i wil meet alot of my peers here. Am 27 and am about to be a dad in about 2 weeks. i love reading books, playing computergames, pen and paper RPG's writing, drawing, making costumes etc. you'l probly see alot more of me in the craf
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  6. Here is my first tatto taken some few years ago, i am gonna fix it up with shading and intergrate it in to the others when my sleeves and back piece is finished
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