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  1. That site is great. Couldn't find it though. Perhaps the quote didn't exist, or maybe he used another word instead of 'box'.
  2. It really is a shame RJ didn't live longer. I'd have loved to read a book based around Logain or Taim, how they became false dragons.
  3. I am searching for a quote of rand, sometime after he is captured by Aes Sedai but before his dragonmount epiphany, where he says something like "I won't be put in a box again" or "I won't be boxed again". Sorry for the vagueness, but does anyone know it? Is there a better way to search than google?
  4. So he probably went back and fetched it afterwards. Just to be safe :P
  5. I am not great at reading between the lines - why did Logain need to choose between getting the golden sceptre angreal, and saving people? Couldn't he have saved people more easily with all that power? Overall I am happy with his arc. I agree that his glorious moment needed to be more glorious though. It was touching when he saw how the people respected him, but I don't know, I felt like it should have been more... foreceful. I found his lusting for power and wanting people to fear him very compelling, and quite rational. Still, I was half-expecting him to do something major at Shayol Ghul to get the glory, and was sort of bummed when that never happened.
  6. Some very interesting replies. To be perfectly clear - I am not saying that the one power was a metaphor or allegory for substance addiction, just that there are striking similarities and the one power stuff may be partially based on experiences with drugs.
  7. Alot of his stuff when describing the one power makes me think he did. It makes colours brighter, you can hear more, everything seems more real. You feel alive when taking it and don't want to go back to the normal world. Everyone is very reluctant to let it go once they've seized it and have to restrain themselves from doing it too often. If you seize too much of it you die. And finally, once you've been cut off from it forever many people end up despondonent and killing themselves. Guy served two tours in vietnam, I'm sure he's gone through a lot. Sorry if this has been discussed a million times before, I'm a noob :)
  8. I disagree entirely. I came to WOT well into adulthood, and I appreciate it a lot. It may not be the most sophisticated series with it's frequent cliches and weird gender binaries, but the series is damn capitvating. I don't need the writer killing people off left right and center to try and prove how 'hardcore' he is - I care about the characters and I care about the world, and that is a feat in itself. So I'm glad the whole series is a bit juvenile. The real world is bleak and serious enough as it is to have to read this to have it come across in our fiction as well.
  9. I really enjoyed KJ Parkers engineer triology (and I thought the world building in that was fairly good FWIW). I read the beginning of colours of steel but had to return it. It's tricky to find.
  10. Thanks for the welcome. I will look at the social groups but this stuff I don't really get it - it's all new to me.
  11. Even with the taint cleansed, it must truly be a miserable life for a male chaneller. You are likely to burn yourself out if not trained, and the only training is the black tower run by dark friends. And eitherway tarmon gaidon is coming. Anyway I suppose in the year 700 I'd try and find those like myself. Then off to the blight. At least some good would come out of it.
  12. Hello everyone. This is my first post. I got into wheel of time late last year. EOTW captivated me. Full of interesting characters and a world that felt very real, yet very vibrant. I bought into immediately. Am currently on my second read-through, and like the rest of you eagerly anticipating AMOL. I think the reason I am so into the series is because it's very, very ambitious. And because it's flawed. IMO its flaws are a products of its ambition and I would not have it any other way. All in all, I have not been so captivated by novels since... well I can't remember. I think the one friend I have who is a fan is getting a bit sick of me constantly making references to it out of the blue, so I thought I'd better join here to let off steam :)
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