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  1. They are starting from the idea that it must be diversified. That is offensive. Diversity is a good thing, however the idea of diversification is just as evil as racism. You are literally saying. " This group is not good enough, because they have to many white people or to many black people or to many males or to many females or to many straights it to many Christians. Alas I am wasting my words, because in today's society it is ok to Hate the white male because in the past white males hated others. Thus it proves my point. The road has a ditch on both sides. We have simply moved from ditch to another.
  2. I have read she did not notice it but this is hard to belive. The 3 oathes should not have allowed them to kill any man who is not proven to be a darkfriend. Possibly a BA but why would not some else say something about it?
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