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  1. That's exactly as I see it. No other swordsman/fighter seems to have that except maybe Rand and Rodel a bit. Everyone else wants to live past the battle in front of them. Lan doesn't. Well not to say he doesn't want to live, but in the moment, he wants to get the job done. Which to tie into the thread topic, is why I loved the last thing Demandred ever heard, "You mistake me. I didn't come here to win. I came to kill you." Actually gave me chills.
  2. I had to vote for Nynaeve. She showed tremendous growth and always showed what I thought were both the greatest fainlings and greatest qualities in a character. And Tarvalantarverenn, Nyn has some awesome moments to come (as do many). Don't give up on the series. I voted to remove Faile, cause it's just not fair. Too many hate her. Add on Hopper! oh, and maybe put Noal in parentheses (next to Farstrider), just in case.
  3. Two things; at the end of Braveheart, he was drawn. Not Drawn and quartered, the quartering comes when the person is ripped intp four quarters. He was later quartered, but not during the torture. And the Nine Rings was an homage to the Nazgul from Lord of the Rings.
  4. I believe the reference would be to LTT dreams, nightmares that Rand has, the Sho Wings falling out of the sky, and buildings crashing. Everything overlaid in red. If I am getting the correct scene.
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