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  1. It's a prophecy about Rand, but a post-Last Battle Rand. What we heard was that the Wyld could weave without weaves. Rand does this in lighting his pipe at the end. He's also owned by the land and only the land (I may have phrased that wrong), and that seems to be the attitude Rand is taking now, wandering where he will, doing what he pleases. The Wyld is also called "Dragonslayer." In a way, Rand did slay the Dragon with the body-swap and going into hiding. Rand is the Wyld. Demandred usurped those prophecies for his own purpose. Those are good points. I never thought of that. So it seems Rand post Last Battle will play an important role in Shara. Which I suppose makes sense since he wanted to see the world and the only place he hasn't gone is Shara.
  2. I wanted to see Birgitte reborn as Birgitte Silversixshooters.
  3. Er... Anyone else realize that if they had just killed Rand then he would have returned as a hero of the horn? He would be a perfect champion because in death he would know the secrets of the Dark One as of course he has sealed the Dark One perfectly before since this is a battle that has occurred before. His epiphany about the Dark One and the world needing him because people need the right to choose has already occurred in another life for Rand and as a Hero of the Horn it would have been a very short battle between him and the Dark One. That is exactly why I believe the Dark One never had any intention of killing Rand. Killing Rand = Instant Loss.
  4. Anyone else wonder why Padan Fain / Mordeth suddenly started calling himself Shaisam? Seemed so out of the blue and with no explanation. If I had to guess about the short story set in the wheel of time that Brandon said he is including in the Anthology book coming out, my guess is it's about Shaisam and who/what he is and his motivations.
  5. Mat with a pair of ter'angreal 6 shooters. in a steampunk world kicking a$$ and taking names.
  6. Jeez, there's a lot of blood lust here. I for one hope all the major characters live. I want to see Rand live because at this point it would be a surprise. I want to see Lan, Moiraine, Nynaeve, Egwene, Elayne, Thom, Tam, Mat, and Perrin Live. Basically I want to see all the characters that where introduced in Eye of the World Live. There others that would be sad to see die, but it would be crazy and terrible if no one died. Perhapse I am to sentimental when it comes to these characters but that is what I hope. Back on topic. I will be upset if the Seanchan do not change. If there is not some more reconciliation between male/female channelers. If the Reunion between Lan/Moirane/Rand/Nynaeve is not significant. I will be be unhappy if Malkier is not resurrected If One of the Forsaken Survive If the Myrdrdraal some how drop dead once the dark one is sealed because they have no souls (A LA Avengers where once they closed the dimensional gate all the bad guys dropped dead) Cant stress how annoyed I would be at the one above. So it deserves another Mention. That's it for now.
  7. I couldn't agree with you more. Elayne is caring, selfless, and doesn't see herself inherently better then anyone unlike most every other Noble. When Nynaeve traveled with her Nynaeve always took the lead Elayne respected her ("a mere commoner") and to Elayne her royal subject. All her risk taking can be attributed to her desire to experience life. Which as Daughter-heir she was very sheltered and had very little opportunity to do anything outside the palace without guards everywhere.
  8. Gaul was trying to get to Bain and Chaid before the Maidens so he could rescue them and make them his Gai'shan because sometimes maidens marry after they're ready to put off the white. So he was busy trying to get what he wanted to worry about Perrin who can take care of himself.
  9. Rand/Tuon. No Kneeling necessary ;) Cause we know how she wouldn't kneel to anyone as the Empress
  10. Er she is a Noble. When she walks into a city and they say hey we love Lord Brend, High Lord Samon, they just showed up last month we dont know where they came from. Then boom its pretty obvious they are Forsaken.
  11. I really like the Perrin finding out that Padan Fain killed his family. I don't often think about it because my version of the earlier books says Perrin was an only child but meh. Perrin should be the one to kill Fain. Heartstone Armour is a fantastic idea too they should definitely make that.
  12. We have no idea whether she can even be held by the a'dam... Sure we do. We've seen multiple examples of Sul'dam being held by an a'dam so obviously as a Sul'dam herself she can be held by a leash. Unless you are suggesting that the Seanchan Empresses know of a flaw in the a'dam that has been passed on generation to generation?
  13. Clearly the 100 weave Ter'angreal was the Aes Sedai AOL version of a Star Trek Holodeck. Those Aes Sedai could have imagined a Beach Vacation setting for Nynaeve just as easily as all the scenario's she actually faced.
  14. Fain maybe but is Shadar Logoth and/or Mashadar a new thing? Because again it seems that to cleanse Saidin you need the evil of Shadar Logoth to filter it out.
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