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  1. Ah, but all those different plotlines were about to be concluded after KoD, so the increasing pace was a given. RJ or BS or another writer, things were going to get a lot faster. that is most definitely not the same thing. I really have mixed views on this point, I think there's a difference between what RJ *could* have done and what he actually *would* have done. If you look at something like TSR then the amount that man managed to achieve in one volume is mind boggling. Especially when the overall quality of the writing is taken into account. Or maybe TGH for an example of a more self-c
  2. Or what will they make of her mind trap, that will be an interesting find for them. Actually I wonder if the mind trap still works since it seemed so tied to the DOs power.
  3. From chapter 4, Rand's thoughts just after Moridin leaves the dreamshard: "Here, willing something to be true could make it so. If only things were that simple in the real world." Then of course in the epilogue: "He regarded his pipe, riding up a little incline to the side of Thakan dar, now covered in plants. No way to light the tabac. He inspected it for a moment in the darkness, then thought of the pipe being lit. And it was."
  4. OK, I missed that, is that in a signing report or something? Can you link, plainly I'm missing much goodness. This is good news, I wasn't that bothered by the abrupt appearance and scant details of Demandred's doings in AMOL but if this sequence gives more depth on the background to his Shara activities it has to be good.
  5. You don't need to actively channel power to make an angreal. When Rand gave Elyane the Seed he said it consumed a persons ability to channel and transferred it to another object, leaving them weakened for a few months. If you were one of the Forsaken of the time and got wind that the forces of light were going to make a powerful Sa'angreal then I would think inserting yourself as a worker in the project so you could try and steal it when finished would be a decent idea. (Un)fortunatly it lead to a flaw that allowed it to amplify the TP. OK, I think I can buy that. I was having issues
  6. Not sure if anyone has brought this one up but I guess the red sails in chapter 1 of TOM remain unexplained. It was such a precise detail that I didn't expect it to remain unmentioned. I guess just a sign of Seanchan factions or some cultural thing in Seanchan, for all we know they drape sails in red when open hostilities break out.
  7. This really surprised me too -- especially after in interviews Brandon started grinning when asked if it was a balescream. Given how much BF was being thrown around in the LB and how weak the Pattern was I could believe the theory about Dem coordinating massive balefire somewhere except there was nothing in AMOL to explain the ripples and his being in Shara undermines it. So I'm guessing it does come down to a bubble of evil with possibly a whiff of red herring to it.
  8. Regarding Moggy, in the prologue she thinks that she has no idea where Dem is. Yet after his death when she masquerades as him she thinks about info she had from her eyes and ears concerning how he had been treating the Sharan old man. I didn't think there had been that much time from the initial Sharan arrival to the full-on battle at FoM so I'm surprised she either managed to get new agents among the Sharans or get existing agents close enough to Dem to identify this sort of trend in his behaviour. Or am I missing something?
  9. Why do you say the epilogue makes it impossible for ant post TG scenes? I meant impossible to have any post-TG scenes appear in AMOL if the idea was to have the final scenes written by RJ as the last in the book. RJ's last scenes were the ones in the epilogue so BS either had to finish the book there or add some material. I just don't think he'd have ever done that because we had RJ tell us the final scene was known since 1984. Brandon couldn't have really said "well yes but I decided I could do better".
  10. Is it confirmed that Cadsuane POV is Brandon's doing or was that inference from the style? My problem with Rand riding off for a care-free life of exploration really was the casual attitude as his grieving father is standing broken over his funeral pyre and the potential extension of that into the possible abandonment of his children. I know he suspected one or more of the 3 women would follow him but he really was pretty sanguine about it. The other poster who mentioned it was him "letting go" is a possible explanation but I have problems aligning this attitude with some of his thought
  11. I ended up surmising this latter point was the case. In one of Rand's POVs he mentioned something along the lines of "he knew Callendar's final secret now" but I didn't see any direct hint to where that info came from. Of course why Callandar was a TP sa'angreal in the first place is a whole different one; plainly there was more to the oddness about it than just the "manufacturing flaw" RJ talked about.
  12. On a different note did anyone find Alivia's role in helping Rand 'die' to be a bit strange? Min was always telling people they couldn't work to avoid her viewings as they would simply happen. But in this case it looks like one of Min/Avi/Elayne (likely Min) decided to tell Alivia what was going on to get her to get Rand his camping supplies. Or in other words it looks like a viewing where the information from the viewing was used to make it happen. To me that makes it unique. And maybe I'm just bloody minded but if I was Min I'd have not told Alivia just to see how the Pattern twisted t
  13. We got reminded yet again in AMOL about the "give up half of the light of the world to save the world" so obviously Moi's return had to be absolutely critical to a Light-side victory. I guess we all expected her contribution to be either in combat or to reveal some wisdom from her 3 questions. But instead it was in getting the rulers of the world to sign up to the Dragon's Peace and -- probably more importantly as stated above -- agree to a single unified command. We saw even in the FoM meeting that Rand was bluffing -- he'd never have refused to go to SG if they hadn't signed the Peace so
  14. I always quite liked Egwene but what got me in this book were her constant thoughts of how she was the Amyrlin Seat, she was the power of the White Tower, the world was hers to protect etc etc etc. And that's not going to bother me at all in rereads because I thought her death was actually quite well done. I can see why some would not like the new weave but from a series/balance perspective I can buy its existence. But her idea of naming it The Flame of TV? See above re her views of the WT and her being the center of the universe. One other thing and maybe this is the best thread for
  15. The question of when Dem recruited Taim is going to be a key one. Because after what we got in AMOL it looks like the theories about him being under a second-ager's wing for years being the reasons for his statements like "so called Aiel" back in LOC aren't possible. I never believed the ideas that RJ was intentionally misleading with the Taim is Dem hints and thought we'd get some major "aha!" reveal in AMOL that explained all the oddities just as we did with Verin in TGS. But no, it seems he was no more than a very powerful DF channeler and all the hints in LOC were at best red herrings.
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