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  1. Hey Y'all. Just finished my second read of MoL. The first time through I was tired from a marathon read and didn't even note Nakomi's moment in MoL. I just thought it was Moiraine. It's intentionally brief and vague. After studying and thinking about the moment, there's no doubt it is Nakomi. Who she is? - The 2nd Dragon seems incorrect to me, as does the Tigraine theory. Reading the scene in ToM, I thought she was a ghost - a ghost of a wise one with a mission from the pattern. I love love love the idea of Nakomi as Harriet. This feels right to me. But for added kicks, here's a new idea - what if Nakomi is Ilyena reborn and with her memory returned. The women around the Dragon are strongly connected to him. Rand's breakthrough on Dragonmount was realizing that Ilyena had been reborn. The fact that she married Lews Therin and was chased by Demandred says she was likely a channeler. Perhaps she had a further part to play.......
  2. Also, What the heck happened to Dobrain?! I always liked him after his role at Dumai's Wells. He wasn't even mentioned in MoL.
  3. Surprised no one metioned this - After Lan kills Demi, he is healed by Narishma,.....but Lan is still wearing the Foxhead copy......there is no mention of the foxhead being removed. Presumably Lan is still wearing it, and thus can't be healed......
  4. I agree with the logic presented here. These guys prob won't learn to channel. But doesn't it seem a little....unfortunate that these channeler/non-channeler pairings will proceed with disproportionate aging?
  5. Hi All, Here's my thoughts on 4 men who could learn: 1. Thom - He's related to a channeler: his nephew Owen. Also, he is so old, now that he's Moiraine's warder, he'll be too old to travel the world telling stories with her. But if he learns to channel, he could grow younger and have more time together. Lastly, in EotW, Min sees a viewing around Thom of the White Tower. Could it be that he will eventually reside there or be connected to it? Seems plausible. 2. Gawyn - Also related to channelers: mom and sis. Again, he's bonded to Egwene, she'll out live him by hundreds of years unless he learns to channel. I have this idea that Rand will tell him he can channel. Gawyn will see this as a gift and it will facilitate his forgiveness of Rand. 3. & 4. Matt and Perrin. OK, so this is a stretch, but it does seem that lots of people in the Two Rivers can learn to channel. There are contingents in the White and Black Towers, so why not? Also, Matt's sis Bode can channel. Can you imagine Matt's reaction if he finds out he can channel!? It would be hilarious!!!!! OK, though I've speculated upon it, I don't think Perrin will be able to Channel. His wolf abilities seem plenty magical enough. And the same is probably true with Matt too. His luck and battle skills seem to fulfill his character's growth arc.....but they're still might fun thoughts!!
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