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  1. I think it unlikely Nynaeve would realise this unless seriously beaten around the face with it, given her prejudices about men and Healing.
  2. Have you actually tried reading on a proper "e-ink" device? If you haven't, I think you'd be surprised. It doesn't look or act anything like a computer screen.
  3. Sanderson isn't obsessed with necklines, so that's a point over Jordan there. If somebody wrote a book with men we were supposed to like and sympathise with using force and the threat of force against people who couldn't fight back, as much as Jordan's women do, people would be burning the books in the street.
  4. Do we know anything about how people become recognised as blademasters?
  5. I've always wondered about the ethical aspects of his gambling. Isn't playing dice when you know you're going to win (overall) because of some kind of magic equivalent to gambling with loaded dice?
  6. Torome, and how does somebody else having an e-book version affect your enjoyment of a paper book?
  7. Hm, I think I preferred it when I assumed it was the arcane conjunctions of bureacracy, rather than a Canute-style personal crusade. Bah.
  8. Is the Kindle edition of Memory of Light really not due for release until April? That's a joke :(
  9. I'm on a reread too, and was really enjoying it up until Fires of Heaven. I'm tempted to start skipping every chapter with Elayne and Nynaeve. Urgh.
  10. If agelessness is due to the Oath Rod (as I believe to be generally accepted?)... why does it affect the Wise Ones? "She and Melaine could both channel - not many Wise Ones could - and she had something of the Aes Sedai look of agelessness about her." Fires of Heaven, Chapter 5
  11. So why is it we see or hear of no female Ta'veren?
  12. Oops. Sorry, I suppose I should have seen that coming.
  13. It's almost a shame books never get "reimagined" like films. A complete rewrite based in the same universe but by a better writer (Sanderson?) would be interesting. Maybe.
  14. For me, the irritating thing about Ta'veren isn't the stretched coincidences or deus ex machina, it's the way it takes away from the character's achievements. Random example as it's where I'm up to in my reread: The Shadow Rising, Perrin rallies the Two Rivers; does he succeed because he's brave, clever or charismatic? No, it's because he has a magic Ta'veren label.
  15. Do the Tuatha'an look like Aiel? If so, why wasn't the connection between them more obvious? And if not, why not?
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