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  1. If the DO is necessary for free will, he is ultimately a force of good.
  2. Best prose writing in fantasy that I can think of off the top of my head is scribed by Ursula Le Guin... then Tolkien. Jordan does write strong prose, especially for fantasy. But, there are mistakes throughout the books that are a bit surprising. That said, I do love a book where you get both great story and great prose but I'll take story strength over prose writing strength most of the time.
  3. Although, slightly off topic, I think my favorite scene is Rand in Far Madding, using Aiel Martial Arts to kill Ashaman. Oh, RJ, for that scene alone any and all mistakes made by either you or BS are null and void in my book. Rest In Peace, man.
  4. I get what you're saying but I believe this has been the exact issue from the beginning. Whether it was presented poorly at the end of aMOL or not, I think we are presented with the truth of the WOT universe.
  5. I've thought about that, too. What stumps me a bit is that people can be or do evil things and not be darkfriends. You can be the worst of the worst and never give your soul over to the Dark One. This could be construed as the ability of humankind to turn to evil being inherent and not an effect of the DO. OR, the DO is the source of all evil, whether you're with him, against him, or neutral about the guy. If that's the case, then destroying the creator of evil and the creator of all evil thoughts and actions destroys evil. However, destroying evil also destroys choice, ironically enough creat
  6. I believe the Ogier will become fresh produce moguls in the age to come as so many people are dead, and crops non-existent, they will use their talent for growing and become the greatest 'green' grocers the world has ever seen. ;)
  7. Thank you, BBM, and arghhhhhhhhh... it gets mixed up in my memory what happened exactly when... it's one of those two, though. Well, both. But, if I had to pick, one of those two.
  8. It's a hyperbolic statement by a megalomaniac with a three thousand year old grudge. It's like a tough guy talking crap before a fight and saying "You could chop of my leg and I'd still kick your ass." That's the way I read it.
  9. Which book takes place in the waste? The Shadow Rising or Fires of Heaven?
  10. I'd argue that Demandred's 10 years of AOL last battle experience is the same as another general's 30 years in a relatively peaceful land with no channelers experience. He would have marshalled darkfriends, men, and channelers to battle far superior armies - technologically and in size - than any seen in the 3rd age. However, having experience with the less technological armies of the third age may have screwed with his knowledge. As for the why didn't he just level the forces of light as he has a super sarangreal and a circle of 72 question? Well... that's a good question. I would have li
  11. Another incident in the book that will help fracture the Empire is the meeting of the Ogier Deathwatch Guard and the Ogier of Randland. At some point, they fight together. I have a feeling that the ogier of the empire might have a change of heart after lines of communication have been established.
  12. I'm not sure she was BA, but if she was, perhaps Verin didn't put her in the list because either A) she could never confirm it, or B) she had tested Alanna, as she had Cadsuanne, and felt that she was sure Alanna would end up returning to the light and/or that she could use Alanna in some way to help Rand... as a sacrifice of one of the Bond Girls or whatever. She is Verin, after all... she doesn't have to tell Egwene everything that she knows. The frustrating thing is that Alanna's motivation could be explained by being BA or not... she could have bonded Rand because she thought it would m
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