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    “You know how confusing the whole good-evil concept is for me.”
    ― Jim Butcher, Proven Guilty
  1. Here. Last book I read was The Gathering Storm by Brandon Sanderson/Eobert Jordan, of course.
  2. Been okay. Working on getting my CDL. Plus, just, life in general. It's good to be talking Wheel of Time again.
  3. Thank you all for the welcome. Look forward to seeing the BT boards again.
  4. Oh that's right, I remember that those exist. It's fine, as long as it takes. I'm busy lately, so I wouldn't be surprised if I only post once or twice a day.
  5. Eh, I was active years ago, no wonder you have no idea. Also, the voices are telling me to say thank you. Usally I try not to listen...but I'll make an exception.
  6. So, I'm back after a VERY long absense. I highly doubt anyone remembers me, and I've likely forgotten quite a few of you. But here I am. So, I'm wondering, what do I need to do if I've been gone a while, and secondly, am I still even allowed in this group? Also, hi. I'm insane. Voices and all that, buggers won't quit telling me what to do.
  7. I'm not new, but it's been a few years, so I may as well be. I don't know how active I'll actually be, my life is hectic lately, but WOT has always been some of my favorite books, so here I am, again.
  8. Hmm. I'll give you this oen then since my stats can't beat yours. Revenge comes when you least expect it though.
  9. Kage had channeled air immediately ans rose out of the chasm. Simotaniously snatching the cookie from Chae channeling fire he shot little fireballs at her feet, "Dance babie dance." He sang, still hovering on flows of air
  10. Kage rubs his nose, weaves air and trips Chae, still weaving air he steals the cookie from her again.
  11. Kage laughs, weaves air and snatches the cookies from Chae. "You can have them back when I get my promotion." Kage grins.
  12. Kage steps through the gateway and into the welcome area. A new member was enjoying a platter of tainted cookies and brownies. Weaving air, Kage lifted two of the cookies and brought them over to himself. Promply eating them he wiped his mouth and grinned. "Welcome to the madhouse mate. The names Kage, feel free to start a conversation with me when you feel like it." He gave a predatory grin, "I don't bite."
  13. I'm signing in. There was a point in my life where Breaking Benjamins I will Not Bow really helped me finishs omething very difficult. I return to it whenever I need encouragement.
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