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    “You know how confusing the whole good-evil concept is for me.”
    ― Jim Butcher, Proven Guilty
  1. I'm not new, but it's been a few years, so I may as well be. I don't know how active I'll actually be, my life is hectic lately, but WOT has always been some of my favorite books, so here I am, again.
  2. Hmm, I remembered this site from a while a go. I forget why I left, but it was probably due to life and all that. Well, I'm back! So hello all!
  3. When Egwene died. She was one of my favorite characters. It was a fitting death, a worthy death, but I really wanted her the remain alive and bring sanity and stability to the Tower. One of my favorite moments was when she dies, she's probably one of the characters I hate in my entire collection of books. I thought Rands pyre being lit was sad.
  4. Yes....Well, I suppose people have had enough time to read them. So yes, his Sons.
  5. Yes he is, it will be from Kylars S......Well, no spoilers. And Kylar doesn't? Kylar doesn't answer to anyone, really. He has to have great respect for a person to obey them. Eragon's ending was okay, but it could have been WAY BETTER. The Green Rider should have been introduced a lot earlier, in my opinion. And no, I haven't. There is, on his website, but I'm not a fan of the software, so I don't post.
  6. Hmm, it's hard to say. I liked the ending, but it could have been better. I like Mat, and Perrin is cool, but I like Mat better. I would have to say that's about it, oh, and Logain and Mazrim Taim are pretty cool as well. Explain why, please? I mean, I don't want this to turn into a debate, but Kylar is quite simply a God. If Moirane didn't have the power, she's just another women, smart and intelligent, granted, but I doubt she could beat Kylar. Anyway, thanks for the welcome.
  7. Hello. It's funny really, how I stumbled upon this series. You see, there was a cage match awhile a go, I'm a big fan of Brent Weeks, and Kylar Stern went up against Moiraine Damodred in the final round. Kylar lost, mainly due to how big the fanbase WOT had. After I heard of the character in the match, I went to go read the books, after all, you need to know what your talking about when debating a point, otherwise you look like an idiot. Now, I'm still of the opinion that Kylar would have won the match, as magic simply does not work on him. Period. It simply makes him stronger. Anyway, despite my slight annoyance that Kylar lost, I am still a fan of WOT, it's a good story, and Rand is pretty awesome to me. Anyway, that's my story of how I came to be here. You won't see me on much, I moderate another forums and I work a lot at my job, but I'll be around.
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