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  1. Gawyn death was hard, as well as Egwenes's death. Gawyn never got to make a huge name for himself, only to stand behind Egwene and die in her shadow. That and Tam lighting Rand's pyre.
  2. Greatest Series ever, hands down. Lot of characters bought the farm, but the scene where everything rebounded was amazing. Rj always kept it darkest before dawn, and Sanderson/Rj truly followed through with this book. Wondering if Rj left any notes detailing the future of Randland, but happy about the body swap theory. Saddest death of all was Gawain for me, he was always trying to be somebody important, but he ended up just dying without making a huge name for himself. Sure he was Egwene's warder and a prince, but he never beat Galad or did anything super amazing. I hope his sacrifice isnt forgotten. Lan's charge, by far one of the most awesome parts in the book, ever!
  3. I believe it has to do with the soul that is bonded, but then again Bridgette would have kept her bond with Elayne then. Does anyone else question Rand's pipe at the end? I really cool ter'argreal?
  4. But doesn't Rand's power as a ta'veren/dragon reborn make it so he can identify darkfriends? Remember when he lined up all the High Lords and Ladies of Tear and was able to know exactly which ones were enemies? And wasn't Alivia present at the classing, something that Lanfear noticed because she was suprised at her incredible strength? Wouldn't she have attempted to kill Rand and stop the cleansing like the rest of the forsaken. The idea that she was ordered to spy on Rand and be off the collar by sul'dam has merit, but I just don't see it. Damne freak out whenever they are off the collar, going insane and lashing out with the power whenever they are out of their collars. I definitely agree with the fact that Alivia is strange though, her mannerism is completely opposite that of normal damne. Maybe she just has an adnormal disposition, but is there any chance she might be reborn soul who has awakened former memories? Just an idea, I don't see her as necessarily bad.
  5. Thanks, quick question though, how do the social groups work?
  6. Has anyone else thought that Sammael could have killed and replaced Taim after his somewhat sketchy disappearance in Shadar Logoth. As I recall, Rand never actually saw Sammael hit by balefire. Not only that, but in the The Fires of Heaven Chapter 34, "A Silver Arrow" A compact man of middling height, with a livid scar across his face and a square golden beard, leaned forward angrily. His chair was heavy wood, carved with columns of armored men and horses, a steel-gauntleted fist clasping lightning at the back's peak. the emblem on Sammael chair is the same on as the Asha'men have. If Rand didnt make this emblem, could it be Sammael rehashing it? and I believe there was a strange quote by Taim regarding a fish he once saw drowning in Illian. He's Saldean, discounting the fact he may have traveled abroad, could be possible evidence. Plus the idea that Sammael likes his armies, and could have easily killed the original Taim when Rand wasn't looking.
  7. To say the least, I've read the WoT books a lot. I believe between 6-9 times, since I had quite a bit of time in middle school. I first picked up the books in 5th grade, having been introduced by my father to the series. After that I reread the series once or twice a year until high school, and my dad and I continue to debate ideas theories and general topics on WoT. Funny little anecdote, my father let me read the series when I was so young due to nightmares I had regarding Ishameal's face on the spine art work of The Dragon Reborn. After incessantly pleading him to let me read the books so as to end my nightmares, he conceded and allowed my to begin.
  8. Is there a possibility that Mazrim Taim is actually Sammael?

  9. Is there a possibility that Mazrim Taim is actually Sammael?

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