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  1. Hello, people of Dragonmount.com! I am posting this to let you all know that you are invited to the 2006 Edition of the Realm of Tar Valon's RealmFaire! We invite tons of active WoT communities to bring us all together. As the invite says, the Faire will be starting on the 18th of August and will last through the 28th. If you are interested, more details can be found at the RealmFaire website! http://rotv.panthyr-ink.com/
  2. I come today to stand as a sponsor for Maeva in her raising to Aes Sedai :D Ever since I have known her, she has been an amazing, caring, funny and friendly woman. She really knows how to help people feel like they are part of a family. Never have I seen her negative or scornful, just always the fantastic person she is :D She is a great rolemodel for all, and will be the perfect addition to our Sister/Brotherhood of Aes Sedai here at DM. I love ya, hon!! Congratulations :D *Snuggle-bites and hugs to bits*
  3. Other...I really enjoyed Robin Hobb's Liveship Trader's series, and also C.S. Friedman's Coldfire Trilogy :)
  4. I've always imagined the Seanchan having a Russian-type accent. The slurred sort of slow speech is the same, IMO.
  5. I like Bryne the best. He is a strong man, yet has a sense of humor and is able to feel.
  6. Gotta say, Mesaana is my favorite of the Chosen :D She is so secretive and sneaksy in her plotting...she really knows how to be careful in her undertakings.
  7. Welcome to Dragonmount, Moridin :D Make yourself at home and feel free to PM me if you have any questions or want to talk! Be sure to visit the Red Ajah at the White Tower--good fun to be had!
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