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  1. I lost track of prophecies, viewings quite a while ago, but from i see here i think there are two possibilities: 1. Rand will somehow grow a black hand or 2. Maybe it is just a mistake in a book, it is a minor detail, one you could easily not notice(i refer to "in his hands").
  2. Intresting idea, I too think Rand will die, but I'm not so sure he will come back. Sure there is that if you want to live you have to die thing, but somehow I doubt he will be brought back..... Then again this is not the first time I have completly wrong. Sigh, I can't wait to see how all will play out.
  3. I would rather hear mens discussion Would you rather: Want to know what Tuon is doing or What Padan Fain is doing
  4. Don't know I never had the impression of Moridin being sadistic, dangerously insane and merciless yes, but he doesn't seem to enjoy or care about anything he does. Unlike other forsaken who hope to gain immortality and power when DO wins he seems resigned that everything will be destroyed with DOs victory. He does what he does because he believes philosphically that DO will triumph sooner or later, and therefore there isn't any point in resisting him. I could see him getting even more insane, causing him to go berserk and turn against everybody, but not him going over to the light. O
  5. Well this is the warmest (and spammiest) welcome I have ever received on the forums :) I'm lurking in the social groups now, there seems to be so much going on, I think I'll first get around to know place a little better. Do you have any group you'd reccomend to start with?
  6. The world of sword of truth has a lot of similiraties with wot. The creator and dark one (dark one is called the keeper), and confessors remind me of aes sedai. Also the plot of the first novel in sot reminds me of the eye of the world. As for the songs what comes to mind is blind guardians album at the edge of time has song that is called wheel of time that is literally about the world of wot. I guess power metal reminds me the most of the series. Hearths on fire from hammerfall would go well with any of the epic battles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htKY2oD85rs
  7. I have re-read the series several times already that it's kinda pointless to do it again. I remember pretty much all of the major events, so there is no need to start reading to refresh my memory. However I do like to re-read some of my favourite books once in a while.
  8. Thanks, for now I think I'll check out wolfkin first : ) See you all on forums.
  9. Well there a lot of parallels between Odin from myths and Mat. If I understood correctly Odin gained perfect aim with his spear (among other things) for one of his eyes, so we could see Mat get even stronger. That fight was one of my favourite moments in the series btw.
  10. Well luck certainly had a lot to do with it, since it was techinically a bet. Maybe he put staff at exactly right place to block, attacked from the angle they didn't expect.... I would like to see how he would fare against them now, especially against Gavin.
  11. Well hello again, and thanks for the welcome What i really hope is that there will be a sense of closure in aMol. I like Brandons style and, judging by the prologue and first two chapters I think it will be good ending to my favourite book series. I am already checking out the social groups, I'll see where to throw my alegiance : ) EDIT: Just one question, are you allowed to join only one social group or can join more of them?
  12. I have started reading the series some 8 years ago i think. Somehow I never got around to registering on the forums, although these are my favourite books by far, and i think i reread all of them at least several times. I guess it's because series are coming to an end, and I want to share my thoughts about it all.
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