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  1. My theory is that with the dead walking, that Nakomi was Rands Mother(Tigrane) as she would apear at her age.
  2. Just my thoughts but when Rand was holding the dark ones essence he was holding him with both sides of the one power and the true power, I figure that its the true power that made killing him a possibility, the dark one couldn't protect himself from his own essence thus it being used to kill the DO seems feasable to me.
  3. I was introduced to the series as audiobooks so I plan to do another listen through half way through december of NS-TOM.
  4. 1. I want to see the white tower Aes Sedai as they are destroyed, I mean 85% death of the current Aes Sedai dead leader and all and the white tower as rubble, Tar Valon sacked and left in ruins. 2. Rand and Galod meeting and discussing the fact they are half brothers. 3. I know I touched on it on item 1 but Egwene utter destruction would be great. 4. A circle of 72 doing something awsome.
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