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  1. Not had a chance to look around DM fully as yet, though I shall over the course of the next day or so. Nor at present do I have any questions to ask, but given time I'm sure some questions will present themselves and at such points I will ask. Thanks again for the welcome.
  2. He's not bound in Shayol Ghoul, that's a character drawn misconception. That is just where the pattern is at its thinnest and the easiest place for the DO to "touch" the world. Regardless, why is he bound by time if he is outside the Wheel? Not sure what you mean? Isn't the phrase "Bound for all time" not "Bound by time"? It's quite a clear misconception in the catechism, used to reassure themselves, especially as the Forsaken are listed as being sealed away with the Dark One since the moment of creation rather than at the end of the AoL: As stated before, the reason that Shayol Ghul is what it is, is the thinness, IIRC before the drilling of the Bore, they only discovered the TP through reading the pattern whilst looking for an "One Source." However, the Forsaken were bound at Shayol Ghul by LTT and the Hundred Companions at the end of the War of the Shadow, yet it is clear that the catechism mostly refers to the DO, and it is clear that he was bound at the moment of Creation (implying that Creation at the least holds the prison), and until the end of time, requiring time to be stopped, and thus the pattern and the wheel (mechanism of time) to be broken, so he is bound by them rather than in them, in the sense that they are the mechanisms that make his prison visible to the WoT Universe.
  3. There's an intrinsic fear of the OP amongst the Seanchan as mentioned by Sid, this coupled with the inability to channel anything but what they understand and know is going to be against ter'angreal development. The only time I see the Seanchan changing their use of the damane is when a new talent is revealed that does not require a weave, i.e. viewing ta'varen for example. Also even if Deain knew how to create ter'angreal other than the a'dam it is unlikely that they would have been trusted due to the inherent distrust of the AS/OP that the Seanchan had from both the corruption of Hawkwing (and by proxy his son) and the actions of those calling themselves AS on the Seanchan continent. Even the use in extracting ores is linked to the natural talents of damane strong in Earth and was probably known to be possible prior to Luthair's arrival on Seanchan.
  4. Thank you for the welcoming words. As for the handle? It's the name of a series of bosses in Final Fantasy IX, Black Waltz (1/2/3) that I just always thought was quite a cool name and thus a good user handle :)
  5. Currently about to start The Great Hunt. In answer to both the latter questions, I rather liked Perrin until Faile came along, then again following his acceptance of his role and the resolution of her kidnapping scene (which also helped make her bearable). Personally though, I'm a great fan of Mat, I can't help but laugh in most of his chapters, both with him and at his expense :)
  6. Just a thought on this topic, that's probably been completely debunked already, but I've always seen Demandred as an Age of Legends equivalent to a False Dragon. Particularly when you take into account the BWB text about him being "almost" LTT, that is reminiscent of Logain, Taim and the Tairen prior to the events of Falme where Moiraine is convinced that it is effectively the pattern demanding the Dragon. In the AoL case, Demandred never needs to actively fulfill this role, but is reduced to being Taim, the second, and as Rand thinks in AMoL Ch. 1 that he put him in his place wouldn't help this. However this quote from LoC Ch. 2 could ultimately make it possible: It's not much in light of his views about the Forsaken in the rest of the chapter, but does at least open the door for this being a possibility.
  7. I've been a long time lurker of this board, particularly the "Ask a Simple Question" thread in the General WoT Forum. Decided to finally join and start posting in preparation for AMoL during my current re-read. Looking forward to posting here.
  8. I just started a re-read in preparation for AMoL to be released, finished TEotW yesterday. It's been a while since I did a full re-read of the books, before tGS and ToM I skipped sections that were based around Elayne (without Birgitte at least), so this time around I will be doing a thorough reading and note taking; fourth time through and I still find new snippets I've missed on previous runs.
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