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  1. I got the feeling that androl was jain/noal's brother or at the very least knew him. I remember Androl thinking that Jain wouldn't believe this if he told him maybe half way through, with his various jobs n what not he could have been Noal's companion on his travels. I know he was BS's character but that could be where he fits in.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has put forward the question did Rand actually beat the DO. They were fighting around with the fabric of reality which to Rand were sometimes quite convincing. Rands pipe at the end has got me somewhat confused, both perrin and mat remark on how they are not tavern anymore and I read the pipe situation along the lines of his usual tavern nature affecting the pattern for positive/rare results but if he isnt tavern anymore because why would he his job is done, maybe the DO has won trapped Rand in a reality of his making where Rand believes that the last battle is over and his job finished and the book finishes in Rands mind while the fighting is ongoing outside and the DO is moments away from escaping. why show possible futures to break Rand where a convincing present situation that allows Rand to get what hes always hoped deep down, to survive the last battle and defeat the DO will give the DO the opportunity to win. A grand deception is certainly not beyond the shadow.
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