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  1. This whole topic makes no sense since there have been black people all throughout the series, viewed in many different ways, just as white people were.
  2. It seems to me that the powers she displays in ToM were akin to what Rand did in the end with his pipe, as well as how he made food taste good again. She seemed to have managed to add more coals to the fire, and make delicious food. Plus, the inspiration for her comes from deep in RJ's notes on Rand. All this suggests there is a connection to Rand. Another thing to note is that Nakomi's name is an obvious derivative of Nokomis, an Iroquois name meaning "Daughter of the Moon" as well as "Grandmother". These names can fit Lanfear very well, but even though I can imagine a situation where she wants the Aiel to survive, I can't see her helping Aviendha of all people, nor can she possibly have said anything to Rand when he came out of SG (she was dead by then). The only other character that can be called Daughter of the Moon, and Grand Mother, is Egwene. I really resist this idea, because for Nakomi to be Egwene, we'd need to have time travel involved. But consider these quotes: Its been constantly remarked that Egwene could easily be Aiel. She even considers that she has an Aiel heart... could she just be Aiel at heart? And then there's the manner of her death. One way or another, her weave plays with time. Its supposed to freeze someone in time, but what if it does more? After all, there are ripple effects to balefire's burning of threads back in time. What if there are ripple effects to the Flame too? What if, instead of unspooling the Pattern, using the Flame does the opposite, and creates events in the past that allow the Pattern to be stabilized in the future? This is admittedly so far out as to be ridiculous. But perhaps by this or some other mechanism, Egwene was actually there for Aviendha and the Aiel, and is responsible for the remnant of the remnant (the heart of the Aiel?) surviving? And her role with Rand in the end also would make sense. We had a lot of foreshadowing of Egwene "killing" Rand. Instead, she nudges him along the path that will "help him die" but not kill him. So, my theory is this: Nakomi is an ancient name, referring to a soul that's a counterpart to the Dragon's. She complements his purpose (as did Egwene), and also has strong ties to the Aiel. Perhaps her last birth was as an Aiel Wise One, and this is the form she choses to take even after her death in this life. After the death of Egwene's body, perhaps because of the manner of her death, Nakomi was able to do several things. Firstly, as Egwene, she conversed with Rand about death. Then she saw to the Aiel. Then she returned one last time to nudge Rand towards his "death". And a little bit more to hint at a connection: Egwene does seem to "see to nature" quite a bit in aMoL. Anyway, this is admittedly a whacky theory. Feel free not to add Egwene to the voting list. But... thoughts? Seems like you are really, really stretching to make a connection to Egwene, imo.
  3. He is certainly a channeller, and became something more. He channels the same as anyone else does, that makes him a channeler.
  4. Apoc81

    Drizzt Do'Urden

    It was a fun series, but to me, it is childish fantasy, and he is far less interesting since Cattie Bree, Regis, an Wulfgar are gone. Even Bruenor and Drizzt's quest for Gauntylgrym was boring compared to the earliest novels of his escape from Menzoberranzan, to his adventures with the gang, up to the spell plague that destroyed the Forgotten Realms setting, IMO. Before that, it was one of my favorite settings from TSR (before WotC butchered D&D), and I had used it for a 3 year campaign of AD&D (yes, we still play the best version, 2nd edition).
  5. Only an complete fool would call that rape. How could anyone who enjoys Ice and Fire be offended by something as simple as Jorah kissing Dany is beyond me, but it does not sound like any forum I would want to be a part of. I thought the anger at Brandon Sanderson here was completely unfounded and made this forum a toxic environment. But at least they don't ban people here for sharing an opinion that is not only correct, but to believe otherwise would be completely foolish. When I saw the title of this thread, I thought, "Wait, i've been reading the series since '96, with at least 4 rereads, what did I miss?". I didnt miss anything though, and you are 100% correct. No way I would go back to that forum.
  6. I can agree with this, though her death did not at all shock me. If anything, I think it was needed to wake up the White Tower and push them into actually thinking, instead of acting on ancient rules that none understand.
  7. Rhuarc dying as a pawn of compulsion Tam lighting his sons pyre, the greatest hero randland has ever known, while not knowing Rand was watching. The death of Verin after her atonement. Gawyn's death. The man was barely out of childhood. He was cocky and confident throughout the series, as any young man raised and trained as he was would be. In the end, he was selfless, if not a little foolish, and that redeemed him to me. People can act like he was an idiot for trying, but a good soldier doesn't run from danger when other soldiers are dying, even at the expense of his own life. Maybe being a combat vet gives me more respect for him than most others here have. I've never seen a soldier run when his friends and squadmates are still fighting. But I have, and have seen others, charge directly at the danger, knowing our own lives would be a small price to pay for the safety of our brothers in arms, no matter how scared we were. So I do understand what all of the civilians here call foolishness is not that all, its heroism. I would not expect most here to understand that, though. Birgitte losing her memories. Siuane and Brynes death. Perrins desperation while looking for Faile. The unfounded criticism in BS's writing. As a grad student and aspiring fantasy writer, I don't think many understand the enormous undertaking he had on his hands. I also laugh when people think RJ could have finished the series in one book. If RJ had lived, we would be reading till book 16+. He was not exactly known for moving the plot ahead at great speeds, something Brandon had no choice but to do, all the while working on his own fantstic work of fantasy, Tha Way of Kings. But the most heart breaking part of all was the end of the series. Never again will I be impatiently waiting for a new WoT book. After 22 years, a large part of my life, it is all over. The books that took me to another world as a child. The books that took my mind off of the horrors of what was going on around me in Afghanitan and Iraq, if even for a half an hour, here and there. The characters i've loved for so long, and most of all, the end of Robert Jordans legacy. He is missed terribly, and forever has my thanks for everything the series has done for me over the years.
  8. CanUFeelTheLove?, on 24 Jan 2013 - 21:13, said:I have to admit, a lot of the books I was either neutral about Egwene or thought she was kind of a jerk. One thing Sanderson did in this last book is make me like her.... and then the bastard killed her! EVIL. I really like her interaction with Tuon. It was one of the few times in all the books that I was behind her completely. And, I had problems in the earlier books with her not wanting Rand to break the seals. In this book at least she had a reason and a time. That made her complaint about his plan seem more than just her whining. I liked that she was the one to face Taim. It was not what I expected in the least yet made complete and utter sense. He was the Top Dreadlord. Actually, Taim was not a dreadlord at all. He was 'Chosen'.
  9. Agitel, on 18 Jan 2013 - 15:11, said: James Tham, on 14 Jan 2013 - 21:52, said:Sort of recall that channelling near the bore is dangerous (according to Mog & Demandred, I think it included travelling directly there as well), yet Rand, Nyn & Moiraine were channelling near it. Can't remember an explaination for it. I believe it was simply because the DO didn't allow it of them and would punish them for it. And Rand had the deerhorn knife, so the DO didn't know he was there until Rand wanted him to.
  10. Its wierd you even have to ask. I could not imagine skipping books in any series I enjoy.
  11. I dont believe the Tinker song has anything to do with Ogier Treesinging.
  12. Tam lighting his sons pyre. That was hard. And when I thought Lan died fighting Demandred. I was shocked that he did not die though. I expected his death to be a sure thing.
  13. I'm happy, because the whole series is fantastic. I am sad that it is over. I am crushed that RJ never got to finish. I am grateful to BS for doing what nobody else would have.
  14. Ummmm.. On no7, Aes Sedai are already allowed to marry and have kids. It has been made very, very clear throughout the series.
  15. Not time travel. Just going back in time. Time travel to the future is fairly simple once light speed is achieved. There would just never be a way back.
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