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  1. Depending on what state you live in, intercourse by way of sexual harassment and/or blackmail by one's superior is by definition rape. To paraphrase Monty Python: Mat was raped... well... at first.
  2. Even RJ stated it's impossible. Absolutely. The Third and Fourth Ages simply do not have the proper instruments to play "Gangnam Style".
  3. You forgot one very important fact.....the Bore is closed and TP is no longer accessible. True, but she is alive, and theoretically could had been put into that position to let her be a player for the Outrigger stories (whether they are written or not).
  4. Maybe Rand will trick the Dark One into saying "Shai'tan". Therefore the Dark One will gaze at himself, and thus screw up his own plans by cursing himself. Or maybe Rand gets the entire world to say his name in order to distract him at a critical moment. ... Yeah. I suck at this. I can only guess that Padan will end up being used as a weapon since he is effectively surrounded by the one thing that can not only 'safely' come in contact with the taint / True Power / Dark One, but is also destructive to it. Although I'm still curious as to where this evil anti-evil stuff really originated from.
  5. Unfortunately I'm not an original. I came in when "The Dragon Reborn" was out as a hardcover. So I'm a "Part Three-er," and addicted ever since.
  6. Yes, absolutely! Gathering Storm wouldn't have had that foreword, but everything else would had been the same. So there would overall be a whole two pages less. Thus things would had been faster. ... *cough*
  7. Note to TOR: After the last book is released, you can make more money by selling a packet of dust jackets without the books featuring the eBook covers. You have no idea how fast they'd sell out so we long time hardcover owners could swap out our horrors of old for the awesome of new.
  8. I saw that when I was reading, but I had just assumed it was a momentary switch due to Tel'aran'riod and Perrin not seeing a difference between the weapons.
  9. Poor poor, Kammy. Oh well. If she's smart, maybe she can still worm her way out of things and her upcoming consummation with SH. G: *screams* *screams* *blinks* "Wait, you're actually pretty good." SH: "I assure you I will have much more pleasure than you." G: "Then you must be having a good time." SH: "I shall taste your flesh." G: "Oh yeah. Dirty talk! More! More!" SH: "Uh..." G: "Don't stop!" SH: "What are you-?" G: "Tell me you'll feast upon my soul! Do it!" SH: "... I think I'll be leaving now." G: "What?" SH: "Just uh... continue whatever you were doing. I'll call you later." G: "Hey! Don't go! GET BACK HERE, YOU BASTARD!" Two top things the pattern was most cruel with Perrin for: Number Two: Letting him think that being a Wolfbrother was dangerous for over two years prior to a "just kidding" immediately before Tarmon Gai'don. And number One (say it with me): Faile Yeah, the slaughter of his family at best was number three. I didn't see him as a sociopath. Just naive due to being raised in a screwed up time. They can still set him straight. He's nowhere near Aram territory yet. I'm not sure what happened with the Waygate. My guess is that Rand only had Loyal lock the doors when Moridin came up whistling while holding the Age of Legends version of a Battering Ram (with a C4 explosive tip). I'm liking all of the theories on this. By the way, my brain is remembering a line about other Aiel clans that were too far east to join Rand in the initial crossing over the spine. Did they ever catch up, or could they also be involved in this. Cue Ahkbar. But I also think Lanfear is being tortured here. General conversation - Cyn) "I want to make Lews Therin hurt." Mor) "Good. I have an idea to make him suffer. If you do well, things might turn better for you." Cyn) "I'm listening." Mor) "It's simple. You can penetrate his dreams. If he learns you are being tortured, his nobility will get the better of him. His guard will be down and he'll come running." Cyn) "Sounds good. Tortured. I can play that." Mor) *smirking* "Play?" Cyn) "... Oh f-" My guess is that Mierin will turn away from the Shadow and try to get her sorry ass out of Dodge, but I don't see him really turning good. Yes, she is great with deception; but I can't see any reason why Moridin would NOT torture her to ensure a convincing performance. It will just come down to whether or not she can control herself in the end, because brilliant tactician or not, when it comes to Lews Therin... da bitch is crazy. Me.... want..... MORE! Anyway, it was Lan's future that showed a babe holding a sword, so I'm guessing Lan has to survive to be there to see his own kid.... Otherwise Min's viewing of Lan wouldn't really had been Lan's viewing but his future child's, so.... Yeah. I could be wrong. Crossing fingers. I did love the "count" of followers during the first half of the book though. My brain kept thinking of the number count by fingers they did for the Magnificent Seven every time it came up.
  10. This was my second attendance at a book signing event, and the first WoT signing. It was a fun time. I even won two bumper stickers w/trivia.
  11. "Not a rat to be seen", this is at a time when the white tower has rats because the wards are failing, and the world is infested with the DO's eyes; we're supposed to accept that a random tavern (which has a chapter named after it) is one of the only places not to have rats?? Is there something more to this tavern and its owner Melli? Or has she just got one heck of a lot of cats to help her keep the place clean? EDIT: especially when the owner insists on Mat (a man who she knows keeps his word) promising to introduce her to Verin if she comes back. Damn. I think you hit the nail on the head. Melli is likely a former Accepted from the tower who failed to make Aes Sedai (insert random reason here). She might be using wards to fend off the rodents over a small area - which I would guess would be stronger than wards stretched over a wide area and thus are more susceptible to failure. She may also be using the power to keep her ingredients fresher - making the quality better. If word is coming out about Egwene wanting "any woman who can channel" to be able to join, she might want to talk to an Aes Sedai to see if she could have a second chance. The Seven-Striped Lass may be referring to herself, which would certainly strengthen the reason for why the chapter was named as such.
  12. Completed: 1. Fighting Ba'alzamon in the sky of Falme. 2. Taking the Stone and Callandor 3. Making it rain in the Waste 4. Cleansing Saidin 5. Slayed Mashadar in/under Shadar Logoth 6. Pleased Elayne Not Yet Done: 7. Return from the grave (future prediction) 8. Mend the Bore (future prediction) 9. Understand women (actually I doubt this one... it's far too impossible for any guy to do)
  13. Mat - Will be governor of the Seanchan forces Randland-side, and although forced to abide by some of O Fortuona's decisions he'll make some things a bit more tolerable. In turn, Tuon makes sure to keep playing with her Mat and having fun at every chance she gets. Mat then loses Seanchan's entire treasury in a single game of Hearts. Ta'veren work done, the man can never win at dice or cards again. Perrin - Gets hit in the head and gains a whole IQ point, causing him to feed Faile to the wolves. (I can dream) Egwene - Reigns as Amyrlin for two hundred and sixty-four years (not counting a ten month period during her 122nd year due to a scandal involving her being caught drunk running through the Waste naked screaming "I have toes!" or some such nonsense). Rand - Dies, but will come back... yet he will let the majority of the world believe that he is dead so he can have some peace. However the man goes bankrupt after Aviendha, Elayne, and Min track him down for alimony and child support payments. Galad - Is hounded by Berelain after she gets a look at him and leaves Perrin in the dust. The surviving Questioners take pity on Galad and try to help him hide, but the woman finds him, marries him, and Galad is both very happy and very miserable til the end of his days. Lini - Ends up taking care of Elayne's kids... and their kids... and their kids... and their-. Seriously! How old is this woman? I don't care if she can't channel. She should be one of the Kin. Hopper - BREAKING NEWS: Hopper is still dead. Demandred - Has his forces ready and waiting... wondering why he still hasn't heard from anybody. The Creator - Comes back from vacation, sees what the kids did to the house, and is PISSED! Bela - Having successfully framed Graendal for Asmodean's murder, she lays carnage everywhere for years to come. Padan Fain - Let's see. Completely insane? Deep hatred of all things living? Frightens even the darkest of evil creatures? Obvious: He gets two part time jobs: a Wal*mart greeter and an IRS clerk. Paitr - Is resurrected as the last new Forsaken after the Dark One honestly forgets about Demandred and thinks he's run out of soldiers. The Armies of the Shadow enter a new era of kindly asking everyone to please PLEASE join the Dark One and forsake the light. Please? Yeah... that pretty much wraps things up for the bad guys right there. Nynaeve - Gives birth to her and Lan's son. Lan will survive and be present for the birth. The son is given a sword in his crib (rectifying the "Min's viewing of Lan" temporal paradox). Nynaeve will go prematurely bald after too hard of a yank when her baby shower is interrupted as Dav Ayellin, Ewin Finngar, and Elam Dowtry appear out of nowhere and release a grizzled irate badger into the ceremony. (Last scene of the series)
  14. I think it is a case that Graendal is extraordinarily cautious and is a master at laying misleading information down, even if she doesn't have a plan on where the misleading information should take her opponents. If it even just slows her enemies down by a half-step, she will do it. As for what she thinks Nynaeve can pull from her compulsion, all she knows is that Rand and the others somehow found out where she was. From her viewpoint, they were able to get something from the boy left behind. Although she was consciously underestimating people from this Age, her gut instincts were telling her to be extremely careful. The truth is, we're not entirely sure what can be pulled from a Compulsion. Maybe it could be more than just the commands the victim is given. Graendal might be covering information we, Rand, and Nynaeve don't know can be pulled; yet Graendal, as an expert in the field from the AoL, knows it is possible. And if Rand and company got as far as they did in their investigations, she has to assume they can go much further... even if they actually didn't and don't know how (or are even able to). If this is how Graendal operates, meaning 95% of the time getting somebody else to do what she would normally do, this shows exactly how much of a master craftsman she is. I now see why Moridin is treating her almost as his second. Heck, she was supposedly heavily involved with Rahvin's work in Fires of Heaven, and we rarely even saw her lift a finger. If Lanfear had this woman's skill and luck way back when, I think Rand would be dog-meat by now.
  15. Yeah, I liked the dead mules too. You might be a redneck if your bestselling fantasy epic involves dead mules floatin' down river.
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