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  1. Let's all debate over something that is made up and even in the made up wprld would never happen! J/K I choose Perrin. :twisted:
  2. And then Shaidar Haran shows up out of a shadow in the corner of the room and gives Bela her next asignment.
  3. I compare Faile to my wife in every way. Her flare, temper, control, and looks are alike. The only attribute that Faile has that my wife doesn't is the Saldean nose. My wife hates her when I call her my "little falcon." :twisted:
  4. I don't believe for a second that the dark one would destroy everything. This would include himself. He would just destroy what is of the free world.
  5. In reply to Semi's capture, I would hope that she would not be that stupid to be captured so easily. I know that she put up a good fight, but if I were to fight any battle against a prophesized Dragon, then I would make sure I have either winning numbers or circumstances. In my opinion, I felt that Jordan got rid of her from the plot, so that the forsaken can all be accounted for at the end. I felt that it was his way of rushing to get to the final book and not have to include her. She will have parts in the final book, but I see her going down to an assassination or a failed escape attempt. Quick story that way.
  6. I just thought that Jordan, since writing these books about 15 years later and already reading so many fanstasy series with Star Wars plot themes, would have chosen some other way to injure Rand. I know that having a leg severed or something would be kind of extreme, but I don't know. And I know that the situations were different. Its just the same end result.
  7. It's ok silver, don't need to get all defensive of the series. I felt much worse when Rand lost his hand than when Luke or Anakin did, anyways.
  8. Well, I am just saying it will help him focus on that aspect of his skills. Another note: I thought that it kind of sucked that the whole main character losing his hand thing was so parralell to Luke Skywalker/Anakin thing. But hey, it still was shocking.
  9. I believe in losing his hand, Rand will not be able to preform the sword forms like he used to. Because of his now inability to fight with steel, he will have to concentrate on his channeling, thus making him a much more skilled channeler. In this, he discovers new things and ways to make himself a death dealer. Therefore preparing him for his greatest feat, to challenge the DO himself.
  10. I always envisioned the last last battle being at Tarwin's Gap, and the hammer and anvil used, with Rand coming out in the end and destroying all who oppose, and stading in light when the quiet of battle's end comes, everyone in awe. Then it's off to Shayol Ghul to die (metamorphically speaking or not).
  11. Myrelle will die at the last battle (or close enough to it) and have the bond already set up to ppass to Nynaeve.
  12. While I was re-reading through the books this last time around, I found a clue to who Mesaana could be. It wasn't a clue outright though, and you couldn't say, "Yes, she must be Mesaana," but what I remember is that it was an accepted and the way the passage was worded, it pointed out particulars about that person that made me stop reading. I will dig to find this passage, and all I remember is that it WAS an accepted, brown ajah, and that it was at the beginning of one of the latter books. (PoD or further) I'm sorry I don't remember the name of the accepted, but I will find it and post it along with the passage. Since that time, I have always thought of Mesaana as hiding within the lower ranks of the tower channelers. The Aes Sedai are so full of themselves that they would never suspect an Accepted or a Novice. Perfect place to be obscure in my opinion.
  13. SO funny you mentioned that. When the Orgs first started way back in the day, I used to be a Bannerman in the Band. I think I will drop by and say hello!
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