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  1. Yeah, Perrin's family being killed was a bit of a shocker.
  2. I thought min too out of the choices. I kind of want Rand to die for the tragic ending. I think Elayne might die after she's had the babies and I hope Faile dies she just annoys me.
  3. Waw, really impressive picture.
  4. Leander

    AviendhaCard teaser

    I like redheads Avienda would be my pick of Rand's 3 loves, I think anyway.
  5. Oh well, looks like you figured it out. Hi by the way,
  6. Hi, I've just joined this site today and have never joined a fan site before. I don't even have facebook. I know, how weird is that? Anyway, I was reading some of the theories and I thought I'd like to chip in some of my own thoughts as I've read these books multiple times since I discovered them 13 years ago. It's good to know there are other people who love this series of books just as much as I do.
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