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  1. When the last seal breaks and reality gets really (really) messed up, the tinkers will inspire with their usual fearlessness. I bet they do sing, but I think the benefit to the land will be the strength it lends through order and belief.
  2. I think Rand will die and stay dead on the rocks of SG. The link will mean Moridin also dies. Logain will rally the forces of the light, but victory will come when Mat calls Rand back (temporarily) with the HoV. The key to the series will be that it is necessary for Rand to die to be able to properly tinker with reality when called back with the horn. As others have said, the pattern will be restored by will, and that is why Rand's mental state is so important for the light's victory. It will literally be a battle of will between TaR versions of Rand and Moridin. Nynaeve is going to be the Soe'feia (Sophia = Greek for wisdom) Fain lives and possibly presents the hook by settling in with the Seanchean or Shaido. Or maybe Mat takes up the dagger, or ends up with the ruby for a "glass" eye.
  3. Alivia will help rand die by telling him about the bloodknife rings. He will use all of them with the dull dagger to sneak into sg during an eclipse. fain will track him there. Rand and many other dead will be returned with the horn. The victory of the light will leave many, many dreadlords and darkfriends to deal with as the end game plays out. Nyn will heal Lan of death, tho. With rand dead, Logan will lead the forces of light to victory, at least he will appear to as rand dies alone in sg. Logan will die heroically and be remembered as the champion of light by the masses.
  4. I imagine the "book of translation" was introduced to let readers come to terms with the cyclical nature of his story and suspend disbelief. That's how we can forget that earth hasn't had endless ages. If I can totally nerd out, I would say: 4th age: I think the fourth age will be lead by Mat/Tuon, and I wouldn't be shocked if the reign lasts a very, very long time ("may she live forever"). Mat may turn out to be a channeler too if the dice are an expression of the one power. Anyway those two will work very hard to progress without use of the one power. I predict this age includes the destruction of organized channeling and ends with the destruction of the Seanchean empire after a few thousand years. 5th age: This could be the age when humans switch worlds... I imagine it would end with a great cataclysm while a savior channeler escapes to a new planet with a very few others. The book of translation could foreshadow this. 6th age: "prehistory" 7th age: rise of nations and empire building 1st age: consolidation of empires into a unified world and ending in discovery of the one power 2nd age: AoL to breaking 3rd age: breaking to last battle
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