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  1. sorry to come back to this but well gonna do it anyway^^. what is described above is a simple gene-modulation. which means your genes so you can be between say 5'5 and 6 feet tall, the availability of food decides the rest. 3000 years is way too short a period
  2. The first seems to refer to the Rand-girls, so it seems likely that Rand is he who is dead yet lives. So I guess Rand will transfer to another formof beeing, either bound to the horn (seems too simple), or merge or somehow take the place of the DO (not becoming one himself but something better, but not entierly good).
  3. 1. Arthur Hawkwing will have a meaningful encounter with the seanchan as he is called back by the horn, who after thousands of years in company of the other heroes has revised his views on channeling. this in combination with the seemingly (plotwise) convinient collaring of toun might just pervent the evil empire as seen in aviendas vision. 2. The bore won't be sealed, either rand will destroy it (unlikely), or bind it in another way. my guess would be that he merges with the dark one and by this either destroys both or more likely will create a balanced higher power but this will of course kill him and maybe the DO. (if I remember correctly in aviendas vision there is a black statue of rand...) 3. Moridin will confront Rand but either spare him, after defeating him or withdraw from the fight. Moridin as a creature of logic will either be convinced that Rand can win or that the only way to an end is the confontation between DO and Rand. excuse my writing I'm german...(-:
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