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  1. Birgitte. Period. Very brutal an unexpected. Although I think may being told he wasn't worthy to be a hero of the horn was vary sad to me. Seven out of ten main characters should hear that but not mat Perrin or rand.
  2. I think that, between the way-forward ter'angreal; Min's vision of Logain's glory which no man had seen before (which hadn't happened yet at the end of the book, but which you could see the start of), Rand's vision in his battle with the Dark One, and all of the other prophecies, we have more than enough information to piece together what happens afterwards. I never read Tolkien, but watching the last Lord of the Rings movie, the one thing that I absolutely could not stand is that the movie just would not end. It should have ended with the ring being destroyed. Then there was the seen with everybody bowing to the hobbits, and that was nice, but absolutely everything after that was superfluous bordering on obnoxious. It completely ruined the movie. I'm glad they didn't throw in a bunch of awfulness here like that. You never read the book so that's why you didn't like the movie ending? Read the book then. Granted youll hate it for different reasons. If they would've made the book 100% accurate it would've had about nine more beings but everyone fulfilling to some plot point.
  3. "Demandred shayol ghul, let The Lord of Choas Rule" priceless I lol'ed so hard just then
  4. That makes even more sense than my "he wasn't mentioned because he's important" idea. I always assumed his lack of mentioning was a foreshadowing of the fact we never know who/where he is. I do agree he's one of the top three. His back story is one we hear most about after ishy and lanfear/Meirin.
  5. Personally I see Galad as Colin Powell, someone that parrots the beliefs of someone in higher power that he believes. But ToM made me change my opinion (slightly, but still it holds to my original thought). He thought the WC idealology was right, but then realized he would need the AS "witches" to help at the LB. Taim on the other hand, I believed was a DF from the start. Yes, I thought he was Demandred for a while(who didnt?) but know I know him for what he is, it makes his POVS and appearances that much more dramatic. He is self-serving in a way but still serving a higher calling.
  6. Haven't read any of her stuff. If you like it ill have to check it out. I kind if have a thing against other TOR authors cause Goodkind let me down in a Lost kind of way. Ya feel me?(Otis TWD)
  7. Well yeah it's hypothetical given from the quotes that you and Luckers have provided the novels won't be released. But I think it would be interesting to see who people think should/could do them and the various reasons. Just idle speculation. That's all. I'm bored between my rereads. Lol. So sutt who would you want?
  8. Personally I would like Weis and Hickman to do the mat Tuon novel. I think they could handle mats humor and tuons 'uptightness' the best. Especially after the sovereign stone trilogy. Thoughts?
  9. Very cool all! I feel kinda bad that mine was just gonna be text "The Dragon rides on the wind of time..." On my left arm
  10. I would say Lan but only because his cause has more meaning(to me at least). If you were a DF would you rather follow Ishy(pre-crazy) Or Moridin
  11. When the characters of the light talk about the forsaken prior to his appearance why do they never mention Demandred? That seems to be deliberate to me but maybe I missed his name some where.
  12. Make Perrin divorce faile. Would you you rather Have asmodean back on rands side Or Have an epic sword fight between rand and be'lal
  13. That's what I mean about you making me laugh. And yeah we did but I think I've had my question answered. Especially since they are on the opposite team Luckers and suttree should have a chance to respond to the challenge. ;) lol
  14. I do indeed. And I like it. (Let the flaming begin)
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