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  1. I can point to a direct site however Jordan has confirmed that Olver has a purpose other than being a red herring.
  2. This was and still is my position. I mentioned the same in the "said it first" thread. Unlike some others who think that it may have been Matt/Thom and their escape from the ToG as the catalyst for the Finns to come out; I think it was Olver and the fact that he won S&L. Although I have little evidence I think the ToG is a form of prison and the only release was someone winning S&L on the outside. Given how easily Morodin was able to come into the ToG and release Lanfear I assume that the DO has some influence over the running of Finn world. As such, if my prediction is correct, the red veiled "aiel" will actually fight the one who released them i.e Olver - making Olver a significant part of the end game. This is something that RJ has previously indicated as being likely.
  3. The Ogier will learn how to make a stedding again which they will do over the FOM/SG such that no one can channel thus rendering most of the forces of the DO useless allowing the skilled armies of the people to take control
  4. A lot has been said about Min's viewing that Rand has to die and that this must happen as Min's viewings are never wrong. This has led to Rand's being resurrected etc etc. If this happens I would be greatly disappointed! I just can't see RJ using bible analogy. Rand will die - in a parallel "if" life as he travels through portal stones for some reason and Min will be proven right. Rand will die (as he sees it) because he will be gentled (maybe he will need to be gentled to survive) - "must die to live"
  5. Long time reader - first time poster. Be gentle 1. Rand will live but will be irreversibly stilled (this is death to a male channeler in my opinion). 2. Logain will lead the black tower after Rand has been stilled 3. The flaw in collander will be the cause of Rand's stilling. He will have to use it to defeat the DO but the price will be stilling. 4. The T of G is actually a prison and the A's and E's are prisoners. Their only escape is (was) if someone on the outside wins a game of snakes and foxes. This has occurred. They will fight with the light. 5. Avi will be able to change the future - the crystal tower will be proven to be flawed after what Rand has done tin Rhui.
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