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  1. I assumed the burning of trollocs was part of the hammer being power wrought and that all power wrought weapons are +1 vs shadowspawn. However reading this thread makes me think I was wrong. On the emotion supercharging the hammer stuff I think that'd be a bit silly to put in but I probably wouldn't mind if it was written well when it's used. I do think it HAS to have something else about it though or else it's just a cool Perrin version of Mat's spear, which hasn't been put to much amazing use as of yet (except against the Finns obviously, that part made my day)
  2. Maybe not turn somebody back but I could see it preventing somebody from being turned, like some kind of emotional shield.
  3. Thank you Suttree! I can assure you that I am well familiar with the interview database(my sleep cycle is as well), must have missed that little tidbit though so thanks :D. The guardian balancing the servants referring to Far Madding just puts me off in general though, mainly because I think the Seanchan would rather capture channelers to use as weapons and valuable commodities rather than stopping anyone from channeling at all. I'll have to wait and see if I'll be made to eat my words when the inevitable happens and the Sul'dam are ousted as potential channelers though. Do we have any ide
  4. They certainly could capture people that can study items of power... or, since things are changing, perhaps one among them will develop that talent... but as you say, how could they study it? Which is why I mentioned maybe Mat's Foxhead is part of the key to that... but maybe not. However as I mentioned the Guardian seems to have some relation to a'dam - WH: p473The metal Collars made me think of a'dam, which of course also control the one power in a way and the Seanchan know very much about them. As it says earlier on that same page: "I would give anything to study it, but that is impos
  5. I've been thinking about the DO and the pattern in relation to this a lot today actually. I believe that the creator isn't inherently good and that the pattern essentially serves the role of the good side. This is because the wheel works to protect its own existence and therefore because the DO wants to destroy it the wheel acts in the interest of the light pretty much all of the time. In regards to the pattern surrounding the DO I am in agreement but I'm torn on exactly how they'll 'repair the damage'.
  6. Very much looking forward to the battles, with Brandon's flair for the cinematic battle scene and RJ's notes probably indicating emotion filled tension and horror the mix could very well be amazing. Basically Maradon was fantastic and I'm looking forward to more.
  7. It depends when the Legion stopped being trained by Mat and Bashere. Pretty sure it has been growing this entire time and Bashere hasn't been there for a fair while considering he's supposed to have been training them and Mat certainly hasn't had any input since the early stages. Who has been in charge for the interim? When was the last time we heard anything about the legion? Also I think based on the percentage of channelers to the regular population if the BT is nearing a thousand members the Legion must have more than thirty or forty thousand. A very difficult number to turn into DFs w
  8. The thing is that Murandy is useful no matter what, having it under DF control is better than not having it. The troops don't necessarily have to fight with trollocs, Dem could use them to attack a random target like Northern Altara or something in conjunction with waygate attacks on the Seanchan and do a fair amount of damage. It all depends on the tactics they use. The thing about the staging area idea is that why would the shadow need Murandy now that they have Caemlyn? It has a city already conquered, a waygate open right in the middle of it and the legion of the dragon and the BT righ
  9. It will be interesting to see when/how they defeat the black tower because Rand has been ignoring them for a while and we have no idea why just that they're apparently a lower priority. This is helpful in understanding Elaida's prophecy now, up to this point I've been assuming that the white tower will help Logain but now that may not be the case. What do people thinking about the white tower helping defeat the black? They seem to be the only force capable but maybe it will all be done internally.
  10. I personally think rings but I haven't searched. It doesn't seem like something that would come up in her questions unless she asked how to deal with Rand, which we generally agree she didn't because of her saidar epiphany.
  11. Oh right, for some reason I keep thinking the rings are similar to the ones in the tower,
  12. Well we know the answer to one or multiple of Moiraine's questions is that she will go through the doorway with Lanfear (do we know whether she knew it would be Lanfear specifically or just a forsaken?) and that Mat and Thom and another will save her etc unless I'm missing a Min viewing or something.
  13. Negotiation dreamteam: Rand, Mat and Perrin for the ta'veren and then Cadsuane, Tuon and Sorilea. The only group capable of getting a fair deal out of the Sea Folk. But back on topic I kind of hope Moiraine gets the big entrance, maybe Mat will try and organise one for her but then she just ignores him. It seems like a Sanderson thing to do.
  14. Theory 2 implies a lasting solution that the series has led us to believe won't happen due to the cyclic nature of their time. The only difference between this 'Third Age' and any of the other infinite 'Third Ages' that have happened is Padan Fain/ Mordeth and I always got the feeling that he was more of a curious anomaly and not a being of world-changing significance. I still think he'll be important in the victory of the light somehow though, he can't not be.
  15. Into the heart he thrusts his sword, into the heart, to hold their hearts. who draws it out shall follow after, What hand can grasp that fearful blade? Hasn't happened the way Rand thinks it has and will be fulfilled when Rand stabs somebody in the heart (probably Moridin) and the person who retrieves it will 'follow after' either Rand or Moridin (but probably Rand). Likely won't be Narishma, maybe Logain (glory and all that). I haven't really looked at this at all so if anyone has any supportive evidence then it would be welcome. Same if it's been disproved or if there are any Jordan
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