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  1. I Finished the book this noght... So much to say. I loved this book but in the end, i can't help feeling a little bit... Disappointed ? Frustrated ? And i didn' understand everything but maybe did i read too fast ( How Lan survived ? How happened the body switch Moridin/Rand ?) But let's begin with what i loved : - All the story Pevara/Androl : At first I was thinking that this part was a waste of time, i wanted to focus on the main characters etc. But i finally became fond of them too, their relationship... - The return of Noail in front of Olver, as Hero of the Horn ! Wooo i almost cried !! - The last battle : epic ! Each point of view, the rythm etc. - Lan facing Demandred, with Tam and the other protecting him with arrows - Galad : I'm not a fan of this character but in this last book i really liked him. - Egwene : Again i have grown to dislike her in the past few books but there she was amazing !! - The return of Moiraine in the field of Merrilor and Rand reaction - Cadsuane's reaction in the end when she understand that tey want her to be the amyrlin. Big laugh - Rand facing the DO - The last sentence "But it was an ending" - Many other things, in fact, that i must reread But there is some things I really didn't like : - Moiraine : She has a very short part, and in what her survival is vital for the world ? What does she changes ? - Nynaeve : A great character, we don't see her enough and I suspected to have her do an amazing thing before the end... Sad - Alivia : Help Rand to die ? I was waiting something more... special. It is frustrating. - Alanna : For the same reason. The bond is easily broken, and this plot become meaningless... - The end : Too fast, too hasty. The lack of emotion with the characters. ( Loial who doesn't care about his friends and only want his story finished, Mat and Perrin not going at rand's funeral, the three women...). And not knowing what happen next is frustrating, even if i Knew it would be like this... I was awaiting something more sad, or epic with Rand at the end. But i am glad he survived.
  2. I've said the same thing, Rand deserves to die and stay dead. He has had a hell of a last couple years, he's broken and battered, let him have his rest. Hum; I Understand what you mean but this is somehow odd. We could think that a man who "has had a hell of a last couple of years" deserve precisely to live a good life after, rather than die... I agree with the fact that he will probably die and that it is maybe the better way, but this is strange to say that he "deserve to die" as if it was a reward to die !
  3. You mean Social Groups ? Yes i've been looking but don't know yet. Maybe The Aiel... I will decide after my holiday week in New York :) In wich group are you ?
  4. Thank you all for the welcome ! Yeah we eat bread, it's very good in france, lol You should go to France, Cyan, i'd be there to guide you ! I love travelling and visit other countries ! Characters that i dislike ? Hum difficult... That depends on the moments of the book. Sometimes i can't stand Faile, when she is too jealous for example. I hate occasionaly aes sedai when they think they are better than anyone and they have to be obeyed, or when they conspire for stupid things... I like Egwene because of her strenghts and she is often right but some times i hate the way she is thinking about Rand for example...and how she acts in TOM. As for Tuon, i dislike her cause of what she is and her politics but i enjoyed her interaction with Mat Edit : South Africa ? Great ! I'd love to go there ! Ah yes we forget easily languages, it is sad. I studied german and had a good level but forgot almsot everything without practice... luckily i read books in english to maintain my level. But in France we are known to be very bad for other languages...
  5. - Veins of gold !!!! That was so amazing, breathtaking... I remember me closing the book and stay motionless, just savouring the end... - Reunion Rand/Tam in TOM, i almost cried. And discussion between Rand and Nynaeve in TOM. - Dumai's wells - Each sequences in the three fold land, Rhuidean, Aviendha/Rand... - Tower of Gheinji - Egwene in TGS, And Verin's revelations - Cleansing of saidin !
  6. This is one of the questions that makes me so impatient to read the book ! Until now, i was really hoping he would live, because he deserves it so much... All bad things that happened to him, all this pressure, knowing what you have to do and what is threatening you (madness, death, and all the people, even your ancient friends, being scared of you...). If he could have peace, at last, i would be so happy. I agreed with the idea that Nynaeve would be part of his 'resurection" whatever it is ( TAR or healing his death). But this seems strange. I mean, healing death ? In so many stories, especially in fantasy books, we hear that death can't be cured, and that we must accept it. It is like a taboo, and no author that i know has ever broken this tabou. "To live you must die"... I read this as a metaphor. He has to die so he can be reborn later when he is needed. And be in TAR. I don't know the book well, i have just read it once so forgive my stupid questions : What make you think that he will die before shayol ghul ?
  7. I don't see Lanfear betray the shadow. Why would she suddenly do that ? I like redemptions, and have always found it touching in stories, but in this case, i just can't imagine that. During all the books, she shows no signs of regrets, or goodness. Her love for LTT just appeared to be lust and she didn't hesitate to kill Rand when she found out he had slept with Aviendha and had rejected her one more time. The sudden change in her feelings and behaviour in the last book ? Maybe but i'm not conviced. She could have a major role and maybe could she even help Rand but i don't think this would be a pure act of redemption.
  8. That's weird, I cannot imagine anyone of the main characters dying, except Rand. - Like someone said, for example, I don't think Lan will die, because it is too obvious. - Egwene has to become a great amyrlin, she must live and bring change to the White tower. As for Gawyn, maybe he could die - Nyn will improve her talent at healing, and live with Lan - Elayne and Aviendha are or will be pregnant and we know that they give birth, so they can't die, or at least not too early. - Min... Hum that depend on rand. If he dies, maybe will she too. - Moiraine has already been "dead", so i presume she won't die a second time, but i can be wrong - Siuan and Gareth are good candidates to die together. - I really really don't think Mat will die. But i hope he will find a way to show Tuon she's wrong and let her think about the evil they did with the damane. And change the seanchans "customs" for good. A question : Why do many of you think that Bashere or Darlin are darkfriends ? ( i would be so disapointed if one of them is, but many i'm too naive...)
  9. If this was written by GRRM, I'd see the end go like this: Rand: LOL GALAD GO CHECK OUT THOSE ROCKS OVER THERE! Galad: Wut? Why? Rand: JUST GO BRO! I GOT YOUR BACK! Galad: Okay... Rand (Whispers to DO): DUDE NOW! YOUR TIME TO SHINE. SMITE THE BITCH LOL. Galad: What's going on? Why Rand, why? Rand: GALAD U JUST GOT SACRIFICED LOL. LIFE, I CHOOSE YOU! *Travels away* LOL that would be so funny ! A great epic book with 14 volumes, that end like this... Poor Brandon Sanderson would be killed by fans. No seriously I think it cannot be someone else. It woud not fit. It has to be his blood. And like you said, that does not meen he has to die.
  10. Thanks ! Yeah french. But next week i'm travelling to New york, so i have to be ready to talk american ! My favorite is Rand by far ! I find his chapters really interesting and feel so sad for him. But maybe it is because i study medicine and have chosen psychiatry as speciality . Some time, when i was thinking the book was too long, i deciced to go on because i really wanted to know what would happen to him. And i really like Nynaeve too, and Aviendha. and many other, in fact they are all great !
  11. Hello everyone ! I discovered the wheel of time three years ago and just finiched my first reading (i just had the time to reread some sequences with my favorite character). I can't wait for AMOL ! I am french and so i apologize for my mistakes. Anyway it's been a couple of months that i read your forum, wich is very good, and i wanted to be part of it. This is also a good way to improve my english... And i like to share the excitement of the waiting ! I think the wheel of time is a very good fantasy book, interesting in many ways, and i enjoy reading your differents point of views and theories in dragonmount !
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