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  1. I see the Aiel becomming something similar to the Children of the Light. I like the idea of differant clans maintaining the peace in differant areas, each with their own command structure, but also having one unified base of opperations in the wetlands. An "Aiel Tower" so to speak. Those that can channel would most likely do some training in their respective towers (White/Black,) and clan leaders/ wise ones doing some training in Rhuidean, the capital of a new unified Aiel nation.
  2. True, Aviendha's particular vision might not come true, but look at the possible futures that Rand Saw. It still gives a since that technology will take over. I see knowledge of the One Power being lost for a time (maybe generations down the road), but once the world becomes a utopina perfection, man kind will start to persue the development and perfection of the mind and body, thus descovering the One Power again. Mix the two together and you'll have the Age of Legends again.
  3. 5. Technology I got the impression from Aviendha's vision of the future that advancements in technology could eliminate the need for channeling. Why use one's own strength and energy to create a magical glowing ball of light to see at night when anyone, even those without access to the One power, could just flip a switch. Healing would even become obsolete thanks to medical advancements. Basicly it just boils down to "use it or loose it." Given enough time, the One Power would be forgotten.
  4. Mat will always be lucky, just not quite as much. Loosing his Ta'veren-ness will mean that the dice will finally stop rolling in his head, but he'll still be one of the luckiest S.O.B.s in the world. If the outrigger books would have been done, it would have been interesting to see Mat try to find a way to get the dice started again due to some urgent need. Maybe through another visit with his friends the "Snakes" and "Foxes."
  5. Yes. There will be a little rest of course but they will continue the story. This is not true, please, don't spread false information: http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20070913/PC1602/309139919 Rigney reports that with the help of the Mayo Clinic, he is keeping things under control. "My numbers are still good, in the normal range. We will be going back up to the Mayo in about a month and we'll see what the status is. Now I just have to get my foot healed up so I have a chance of getting out of this wheelchair. Strange to think that my foot, of all things, would be giving me the most trouble. It's getting better, but unfortunately the amyloidosis makes healing go very slowly. "When I get the foot better then I can start on the process of walking again. I hope to do this in another two or three months." While there has been no improvement in heart function and no change in his overall prognosis as of June, Rigney says improvement remains possible. And he's determined. "I've got promises to keep." FYI, the link you posted is very old and unfortunately untrue.
  6. I always thought that the WoT Encyclopedia was basicly going to be an extended version of the glossary found at the end of each book, but maybe with a bit more detail than was previously given.
  7. Just a thought... What if the "three must be one" line doesn't refer to individual people. I think it refers to the three ways the One Power was used in the Age of Legend. The "three" could be Saiden, Saider, and the song and dance thingie that the Aiel, Oger, and Green man did. The full strength of the One power along with the song and dance could be what's needed to "grow" the closure that helps to reseal the bore.
  8. Hi. My name is David, but you can call me the RedneckOtaku. ^_^
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