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  1. Fun theory but this doesn't seem to fit with the whole "slay them with the sword of peace" bit. I'm holding with most of the Aiel being wiped out during the battle: the Maidens at Shayol Ghul, most of the rest possibly while defending the Tinkers, especially if the Tinkers have some special task like fighting the Blight. The rest will be slain by peace when they turn to the Way of the Leaf, likely after the last battle.
  2. Cool stuff here. Just a few thoughts from a neophyte: A minor tweak on the Halls of Mourning. I like the connection with the Seanchan Empress's death but I believe its referring to Seandar. Matt and Tuon have to secure the Crystal Throne for the Last Battle, so they need to make that momentous trip, with Elaida's help. Seandar is also a lot more worthy of mention in a prophecy than Ebou Dar. As well say he's going to Baerlon because its burned out. As for the Broken Wolf, Metal Head has some great points I agree with Metal Head, that "the one whom Death has known" is a lot more intimate than just someone who knows someone who has died. That would include all of Randland. Saying its Perrin because he knows dead people is weak. Saying its Hopper makes it unlikely to shake the will of the light. This must refer to someone like Rand or Matt that has a direct connection with Death. Or someone that is, or has been, under the control of the Shadow. I like the last interpretation because you could certainly see where a major character like Ituralde turning to the Shadow, at a critical point in the battle, would shake the will of men. Although clearly Ituralde held up to Rand's Circle of Protection from Evil, 1000 yd radius. So it can't be him. While I favor Lan here (I think his death wish and actions that occurred during his infancy might bring the Death connection), and Rand is growing on me (though Rand as Wolf is really starting to turn him into a Noah’s Ark of totems), I will offer up a new interpretation: Fallen Blacksmith = Perrin, no surprise right? Fallen Blacksmith’s pride = Manatheren Broken Wolf, the one whom Death has known = Manatheren "His destruction" remains a weak link because its hard to imagine Manatheren referred to as “his”. However this could be considered the destruction of Perrin’s spirit/pride, or destruction here could be a noun (gerund?) instead of a verb. That last would suggest we read the final line as "[Him Who Will Destroy's act of] destruction [of Manatheren] shall bring fear and sorrow …" Happy New Year! So glad the world didn't end on my birthday so I can read the last book. Edited to remove a double quote
  3. Fyodor I like your style and long thought something similar but mine differs: Rand does really permanently defeat the DO by taking his place becoming the new lord of death, or more accurately death and rebirth, as foreshadowed by his title Lord of the Morning, his attempt at resurrection in tDR, and the Tinkers with the song as the true People of the Dragon. No seal will be required and thus Rand will be both dead and not gone. Posted this on Theoryland many years ago but can’t locate it anymore. This will be accomplished through the 3-1 theory that Rand, Moridin, and the DO merge. Callandor will be the key by – allowing Rand to wield even more power than the CK. Its remaining secret is it facilitates a limitless circle at any range, enabling Rand to tap into its power plus the cumulative power of every remaining channeler. This brings us full circle from the prideful Companions assault on the Bore to a cooperative, full force effort to defeat the DO. Kumbaya Callandor will only give Rand enough power to force the merger. He doesn’t have enough will to wrest control of the 1 body from the DO, or the DO and Moridin. Tuon using the power of the Crystal Throne, her indomitable will, and her life time sul’dam training, in conjunction with Matt’s luck/ta’veren-ness takes control (like using an a’dam/compulsion mix) of the struggling, merged Rand+Moridin+DO, giving Rand the support to subsume them. Who the freak has orchestrated all these pieces to work together? The creator; the pattern; someone else; is Moridin a closet Lighter setting up the ultimate double-cross? A new cycle will begin with Padan Fain as the new, lesser great force of evil, ala LoTR/Silmarillion. The Wheel turns out to be not a continuous circle but a spiral with both repetition and direction, easily mistaken by Randlanders as continuous repetition. Thus RJ has been both truthful, cycles and repetitive Ages are real and permanent, and deceitful, change does happen. The BT circles will be overcome either by surprise (to the darksiders) use of the “dragons” or an additional circle related ability of Callandor to take control of formed circles. (OK I am grasping but the atomic level power of single circles let alone multiple is something I struggle to reconcile with anything but the end of time.) Cadsuane is going to beat down the outted DF, Sorilea, when the WO tries to ambush Rand. This will be the book where people actually talk, listen to each other, and act reasonably. Taim is a non-Forsaken, War of Power dreadlord somehow preserved like the Forsaken to the current Age. Sure Taim could be Moridin, but his day job manipulating the entire world seems a bit too intense for moonlighting as a DF mole running the BT during its rapid expansion. Rand built the Black Tower with a secret motive. He intended that it would be infiltrated and that he would use it as a trap to eliminate the new dreadloards, or at least give him the advantage of knowing where 90% of the new dreadlords are when the Last Battle starts. Screen time for the Tinkers and the reveal of the Song will be short, sweet, and a calm spot in the eye of the maelstrom of action. The Maidens will make a final stand at Shayol Ghul to buy Rand time, getting wiped out to a woman. This includes the Bain, Chiad, and Gaul love triangle. Ok so I probably missed a Min viewing on that one, so sue me. Some crazy, rich WoT fan will bribe a Tor employee for the manuscript and leak it. Not only Tor, but WoT fans will be devastated.
  4. Hi all, Long time lurker. Glad to finally sign up.
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