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  1. I know who knotai was Matt I meant who is this guy being written as Matt... I was being facetious... Rand vs ishy as a sword fight was appropriate in the early stages of the book for rand. Clearly ishy could have and should have just one power nuked him but well then there wouldn't be a book. That being said this is the last book, we have the champion of light fight the champion of darkness in a half ass sword fight ? As they say on espn c'mon man. This is followed up by another let down in rand'a battle with the DO. This is course is all subjective and purely my opinion. I just wanted better....I wanted someone to put some effort into making a cohesive thoughtful plot line that doesnt leave you scratching your head going. Wtf
  2. I really liked TGS I feel like the diction was off from RJ but I felt that things were starting to come together. I enjoyed TOM and while not overly impressed I was very excited for AMOL after finishing it. I was at peace with BS's work. I hated AMOL. It was jarring. I don't understand the decisions that were made on the content. The battle scenes were terrible. I could not allow myself to immerse myself in the book and have a suspension of disbelief. After finishing it I felt like three more books were needed because there were soo many plot lines I felt were completely ignored or resolved in an insufficient fashion. To name a few: Fain 2 pages ? Rand vs the DO (wtf so who is the really "enemy"? Is it human nature and if so why would killing the DO result in the removal of the freedom of choice?) horseshit. We've been looking forward to Rand's fight with the DO for 20 years and we get a not thought out nonsensical stab at existentialism ? Seriously man Knoti? Who is this dude Demandred ? He reminded me of some 5 year old yelling for his toy. BT / Logain / Taim? Uhh I don't even know where to begin? Moridin fighting rand in a sword battle ? Nakomi?? I could go on but it's been said a thousand times. I'm not sure how this was written or approved but I'm disappointed in everyone involved. I wonder if the lack of an epilogue is just a money grab for us to get some sort of resolution through the encyclopedia. At this point I just don't know I almost think that the powers that b had given BS the notes and left it to him to write all 3 books with no supervision and had someone other than harriett edit it. That of done that with another author
  3. Favorites: Matt Rand Cadsuane Least Favorites: Egwene Gawayn Moraine Favorite protagonist in other fantasy: Ayra Stark Pug Kvothe Bayaz ( ok maybe not necessarily a good guy but well who in abercrombie's books really is )
  4. Well Bittersweet, glad I got an ending but not particularly thrilled with the product. I thought there was too much going on for one book. perhaps one book made up of just the last battle and filled out a bit more would have made it less jarring. That followed by another book or at least more than a couple pages tying up loose ends with characters we have followed for 20 years would have been nice. Fain?! Really like only 4pages ... He was seminal to the books in the beginning. The fight btwn moridin and rand, disappointing 3 books of build up for the black tower conflict to have such an anticlimactic resolution. The fight btwn rand and the do being resolved by insinuating removing the dark one removes mans freedom of choice seems silly to me. I did like Perrin's killing of lanfear though Oh well
  5. Someone PM me the answer please. I'm unable to figure it out after a day and its driving me crazy :) Thank you, ac
  6. Isn't there an age that does where the op is not a available ? @ mrblack: I do not think Taim was turned. He does not have the eyes, and he had been channeling for years with little visable damage from the taint that coupled with various hints throughout the book i.e. certain weaves and knowledge from the AoL leases me to believe he was given at least some instruction from Ishy and his being a df predates his declaration of being the DR
  7. How about young and inexperienced. Somewhere between stupid and impulsive.
  8. @selene it would stand to reason that given the fact he is Elayne's half brother that the connection is substantial despite their disagreements growing up. She has matured and he has begun to. In my opinion anyway.
  9. It is all pure speculation but I would hazard a guess that it is Galad to whom she is referring and somewhere later in the book. She would of course be referring to he and his whitecloak army and wanting his break from royalty in Andor to be clean.
  10. I kind of like it. I would hazard a guess that he is either a) talking to the assembly of leaders or b) speaking to one of the chosen right before the end. Or it could be one of the chosen speaking to Rand.
  11. I would tend to agree with you Luckers that there isn't a lot to go on. It has always made me scratch my head that so many folks tend to believe he is a darkfriend. In regards to the broken crown and Perrin I am of the mind that he will likely die or potentially abdicate in lieu of Perrin & faile in favor of retirement and selling some of those peppers faile used to tell Perrin about
  12. Subjective and rather arbitrary ? Refer to pages and pages of discussion on BS vs RJ also on this board. I am sorry if I misunderstood the purpose of this particular board and viewed it as post ToM thoughts in reference to the above post the Rand question in particular revolves around what may take place in A memory of light?
  13. So, I started lurking again about a year ago. I finely made a new user name a month or so ago when I couldn't remember my login details and I have some questions ! A) why do a lot of people think Bashere is a dark friend? It seems totally out of context with his character. B) What has led some people to think Roderan is Demandred ? Process of elimination? C) Cadsuane: like / dislike?! I love her and I did not like a lot of the strong female characters RJ wrote. So it is both interesting to me that BS struggles with her but excels with Nynaeve. (I do consider her a bully who views herself beyond reproach btw insofar as the discussion on the other thread so I don't think it is completely out of character) D) Will Jesus Sedai I mean Rand actually die and be resurrected after 3 days or is the merging of the two identities to form Jesus Sedai the symbolic death of rand?! I would kind of prefer the latter... E) Can someone talk Tor, Harriet et al to put the book up forsake via kindle tonight because I'm off till Jan 3rd for the holidays and my lurking the theory board is getting out of control.
  14. No Texas stops?! Gotta figure there'd be Dallas OR Houston. Disappointing !
  15. Let me preface this with I have been boozing at a charity event all night and am typing this on my phone: So, I have been an off an on again member of this community for years. I love WoT I know the original Mazzy, my username here use to be Ishmael before it got fancy. Long story short I have either been an active member or just a reader. To the point I have been reading a lot of negative commentary about Sanderson. I had no clue who he was when he took over for RJ I read all his books. I enjoyed them thoroughly. I can honesty say I am thankful that heb picked up a WoT and finished it. I am uncertain of the interest a lot of authors would have in doing so. I think most would be more inclined to focus on their work. It can be argued its a pure money play driven by the exposure to RJ's world but C'est la'vie. To the point I see a lot of discussion on BS's writing style and perceived as compared to RJ. It always makes me shake my head. A) we have an author trying to write another individuals characters B) an author trying to follow a half finished plot line. So, I understand (read: to a point) the audience's dissatisfaction ) but what I don't understand is the venom. This is to v expected given the change. I can honestly say from book 5 on, I kept reading because i wanted to know what happened to the two rivers crew. RJ had lost control of the series. I do not say it was unemployable but from a literary perspective it was not within the gamit if what he began. A knife of dreams? Crown of thorns? C'mon man.. Not on say the books released by Sanderson where much better but c'mon idolising RJ as a literary genius is a bit much. I think a lot of us have just invested so much of our life into the books that it is hard to be objective. So, I suppose the premise of this post is that while BS isn't Fitzgerald, for finishing the series and allowing me to see the two rivers folks finish out what RJ started I am thankful. Given that perhaps toning down the constant bitch feat on BS's writing would be nice. On to AMOL, listening to chapter two was tough , I now know I don't like audio books. But! I enjoyed the BT as I have been eagerly waiting it. I am torn on the importance though given how little Logain/ Peveral / Etc have played a part to the plot that thu shoul be seminal to the plot going forward. However, as I have read here and agree the BT is too large of a weapon to not be a focal point of the last battle. I am excited about what is to come and disappointed in the blatent marketing piece that was chapter 2. Last thought, Avi seems to be an afterthought? Perhaps tying up so many loose character and plot lines dating back to book three is too problematic? Can we get more Mat? I know there were thoughts of outriggers but given the relative importance placed on the Seanchan it seems it should be prevalant. C'mon man chapter 11 in a bar listening to rumors of Tuon... Cheers!
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