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  1. Eve~

    Ajah test

    You belong to the Green Ajah! The Green Ajah is often called the "Battle Ajah"; they await Tarmon Gai'don, where they will fight the Shadow. Greens are often seen as emotional rather than rational, and tend to prefer action to deliberation, often taking charge in situations that require it. Greens can often be arrogant and prideful, but as a whole they are often an outgoing and friendly Ajah. While not all Greens are flamboyant, it is not rare for Greens to care about their appearance a great deal. This is your result in its entirety: Green Ajah: 5 White Ajah: 4 Gray Ajah: 4 Blue Ajah: 4 Yellow Ajah: 4 Red Ajah: 2 Brown Ajah: 2 Well not so surprised about the result.. But I'd choose Yellow anyway.
  2. I'm now reading CoT for the first time now and I'm just totally stuck somewhere in the middle of the book. It's frustrating, by far I've been reading quite a speed. It's nice that it's not just me who thinks the book kinda sucks.. Hope to get past it quick and move on. Oh, here's my list so far: 1. TSR 2. TGH 3. LoC 4. TEotW 5. TFoH 6. NS 7. ACoS 8. TDR 9. WH 10. TPoD 11. CoT
  3. Lan. Well, Aviendha could also be a good choice for me..
  4. I'm also reading WoT all the time. I read my favourite books/scenes again and again.. I have books all over my house and I can read one book at the morning before going to work and another in the evening. It's funny, I've never read any series so intensively but also skipping parts. And I haven't even finished two last books. I'm reading all series in english now because they won't translate the last books in my native language. I have to practice that I understand at least something!
  5. My favourite scenes by far: - The trolloc attack on Emond's Field, especially the part when women came to fight alongside their men - Dumai's wells - Lan & Nynaeve scenes, or just Lan.. - Ingtar's redemption
  6. Hi everyone! I started reading WoT over 10 years ago and "found" those books again last summer, when I had some spare time on holiday. It's so much fun to re-read it all again and notice how differently I see them now.. Just found this site and enjoyed your conversations so much I decided to join.
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