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  1. Here's the excerpt: And then there was the crimson rod that felt hot; hot, in a way. Sitting on the edge of her bed at an inn called The Wild Boar, she examined the smooth rod by the light of two polished brass lamps. Wrist-thick and a foot long, it looked like stone, but felt firm rather than hard. She was alone; since the helmet, she had tried to do her studying away from the others. The heat of the rod made her think of Fire. . . . Blinking, she opened her eyes and sat up in the bed. Sunlight streamed in at the window. She was in her shift, and Nynaeve, fully dressed, stood frow
  2. In tPoD, when Elayne was studying this crimson rod ter'angreal, alone, in an inn, suddenly she had no idea whatsoever of what happened when she opened her eyes. Avienda and Birgitte stood by the door. She asked Nynaeve but didn't tell her. The kinswomen, the Windfinders etc, the Aes Sedai were 'hiding grins' at her after that. What was that about? I'm asking the same question as Elayne, 'what happened?'. It's got to be that rod. (O.o)
  3. From tPoD: "All there was. Liah, of the Cosaida Chareen, a name written in fire. Moiraine Damodred, another name that seared to the soul rather than merely burning. A nameless Darkfriend, represented only by a face, who had died by his sword near . . . ." is this the same lady merchant darkfriend?
  4. oh right Now, this was the joke! Lol. I laughed at this.
  5. Could somebody please explain why this is supposed to be funny? (X_x) Rand was telling the Far Dareis Mai a joke ch3, LoC: “An irascible old farmer named Hu discovered one morning that his best rooster had flown into a tall tree beside his farm pond and wouldn’t come down, so he went to his neighbor, Wil, and asked for help. The men had never gotten along, but Wil finally agreed, so the two men went to the pond and began climbing the tree, Hu first. They meant to frighten the rooster out, you see, but the bird only kept flying higher, branch by branch. Then, just as Hu and the rooster rea
  6. Perhaps you're right. I've just remembered reading Moghedien calling Liandrin 'little sister' as to mean they aren't equal.
  7. In tFoH, Rand called Moiraine 'little sister'. He didn't know where it came from. Does it have to do with Lews Therin's memories within Rand? Sometimes it slips through him. Or doesn't mean anything at all? Also, Moiraine saw in Rhuidean that it's utter disaster to have 'sexual relation' with him. So maybe they're kin?--in the least, Lews Therin and whoever Moiraine was in the past life. Just wondering. What d'you think?
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