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  1. I think you will find that Nynaeve grows a lot. I also understand were you coming from, I found many of the female story lines very hard to get through.
  2. There was the conversation between Rand and Moridin, Moridin specifically said that Balefire was the only way to keep the DO from bringing someone back.
  3. How often to Sul'dam have children? Don't many of those who can learn become Sul'dam in Seanchan society?
  4. I find female characters (with a few exceptions) to be one of Robert Jordan's biggest weaknesses as a writer. Although I would love to see the notes he left.
  5. I have to agree with what others have said here. Moraine was a missed opportunity for some great story telling and some truly heart wrenching reunions. Her return and the anticipation for some of those meetings was one of the main reasons I was excited to read this book.
  6. First of all let me take a moment and thank Brandon for finishing up this series. I have mixed feelings about this book. I feel that we rushed the character interaction to focus on the battle. This actually surprised me, because I was concerned that it would go the other way. I felt cheated with Moraine and her return, and this may be my biggest let down in the whole series. (And I can not even finish reading COT during a reread). We have such a missed opportunity to really have some great moments and we tossed them to the side to jump into the battles. We miss out on the Hawkwing and Tuon meeting, and why did we ever introduce a new plot line with Avendia and really never explore it? I know we couldn't have all the answers but that just comes out as a waste of time. But even with my negative feelings I could not put the book down. I guess to sum it up, it was a great story, but lacked emotion. (In no way am I bashing Brandon. I loved TGS and ToM, I feel that we tried to cram too much into one book.)
  7. I disagree, with out the DO you would not have Mordeth. Rather you would not have what he turned into...
  8. I am not very happy with it either. I refuse to purchase it twice, so I will be waiting until it is available on my kindle to purchase it. My library is slow, but they will get it in eventually so I will be able to get my hands on it sooner than April. I have purchases all the other books for my Kindle, and wish to keep my collection there.
  9. I found most of Jordan's female characters very poorly done with a few exceptions. Egwene in my opinion has always been an awful character and I feel the same about Elayne. Nyn I don't start to like until she hooks up with Lan. Brandon does a better job with the female characters in general, but some of them are still awful.
  10. While I do not know if this is true or not, I would say it makes since. He can let the character flow instead of having to force the character. Last auto saved: 21:01:57
  11. It another example of what people think Brandon did wrong. And if RJ had written it, how much more awesome that scene would have been.
  12. There was a third, I can not remember his name. Perrin freed him and is the main reason he has his struggle with the whole wolfbrother thing and the fear of losing himself.
  13. So we are not upset that Cad acted out of character, we are upset that the characters did not interpret for us that Cad acted out of character? Ahh but see... that's exactly the difference. When Moiraine did something out of character, we got several comments on it being out of character. That's Rand's first thought on it. Then we have this: You see how, from Rand's introspection during the scene, Moiraine's actions become clearer? We even have more hints on what was wearing her: So we are not upset that Cad acted out of character, we are upset that the characters did not interpret for us that Cad acted out of character? So it impacts immersion?
  14. How do you write this scene with subtlety? She has lost control and is at wits end, this is not a subtle situation.
  15. I agree that it is out of character for her, but I think that is the intent. A normal Cad would never act like this, would never condone acting like this. She is desperate and scared, and just saw her last chance of fixing what she considers to be one of the greatest threats to the world fail. I think we are meant to see just how unstable everyone/everything is becoming.
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