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  1. Obviously he figured it mattered or he would not have to lie to make the numbers bigger.
  2. Not really, because those who support him, don't care. Who needs facts when you can have Alternative Facts...
  3. The solution is getting more people to vote, rather than make it harder.
  4. When voter turn out is 55%, voter fraud is not the issue...
  5. Of course they don't, because it is not about Kavanaugh at all, it is about their agenda. Of the two here that defend him the most one has already proclaimed that he has no problems with sexual assault and the other just proclaimed that he would be more than happy to see roll backs on Women's rights, Gay rights, and just equality in general.
  6. So how many girls did you sexually assault? Being that you where just a hormonal boy unable to control yourself...
  7. It is a list of abuses the violate the idea of NN. It is the kind of abuse people speak of when they say they want NN protection.
  8. He gave a link that gave examples about the abuses ISP can commit in a link above. It is not only about charging, but also denying service or slowing performance. Verizon also does TV, they could slow it or deny service to netflix to promote or force their own service. If they want to offer a discount to bundle their services I am okay with that, but I am not okay with them then punishing me for opting out.
  9. If you already believe elected officials do not honestly represent their constituents, how much worse will it be if they don't have to worry about public opinion and elections.
  10. I suspect this question is why many have asked what game North Korea is playing. I am guessing the timing is not a mistake. A win for Trump here, could greatly impact the 2018 elections. They already have Trump high on success with the release of US citizens, and I assume Trump knows he needs to walk away with a win. What will he be willing to give?
  11. On average, public school teachers make more than private...
  12. All crime is a problem. I'm open to hearing suggestions on how to stop mass shootings but most of them usually land in extremely ridiculous territory (just ban all the guns!) or extremely authoritarian territory (just investigate all gun owners forever!) and often don't address the issue of mass shootings head on. Free yearly(?) mental health checks? From a different perspective, a federal fund (i would argue for either insurance or a tax on guns/bullets but I suspect that's a none starter) to aid the victims, both for immediate costs and any ongoing problems I don't like the idea of mental health checks personally because things like Depression are now considered a mental illness and I don't think you should have your guns taken away because you're depressed. Yes, because why would you want to take guns from the people most likely to kill themselves with them...
  13. It will cut the number of illegal crossings down to almost nothing, which is good enough. It is not a solution to the problem of illegal immigration in itself. What is considered almost nothing? Lets assume that the 1/3 that did not overstay visas all came from Mexico, what percent of that is going away? What percent of that is going to find another way into the country?
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