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  1. I agree, I don't think it will come down to a physical battle so much as a revelation on behalf of Rand that will defeat the DO. Rand is currently to much of a wreck to do much good in a battle I agree, but hopefully he will be doing other things at TG than just fighting.
  2. What's up guys, I haven't been on for a while. You can't tear me away from my PS3 long enough, heh heh. If you remember, RAW, from quite a while ago, I had a theory on the common demoninator between Herid Fel and Ishy. Which basically came down to Ishy coming to the conclusion that mankind was forever stuck in a paradox (being reborn over and over), thus finding and releasing the DO, along with Lanfear of course, in order to end this paradox. Now, of course we all know Ishy took a bad path, but what if he had the right idea. Yeah, I was drinking Tequila when I came up with the original theory, which was more based on Ishy having been a champion of light gone bad sort of thing. (Which, I still might be on to something ;)) However, Herid Fel I believe came up with the same conclusion, the paradox, the difference was, he found a peaceful way to end it, which is why he was killed. OK, got that out, go ahead and rip it apart, lol.
  3. Does anybody know what really happened in that scene? Always been curious.
  4. I have to be cliche, I hate Faile with a passion. For the same reason someone else posted, Perrin was my favorite character in books 1-3, I honestly wish he had not returned to the series in book 6 (yes I know the ramifications to Rand). Perrin now reminds me of the good buddy you used to have who would do anything for you and was always there with an open ear to help with anything you might need. Then came the girlfriend, and suddenly he doesn't show up quite so often for your weekly get togethers with your buddies. He then introduces you, you can see he's infatuated with this bitch, but neither you nor any of your friends can see why. Then, slowly but surely he fades from everyone's life. Another one bites the dust. I hope Faile dies shortly into AMOL, which causes Perrin's crazed wolf rage attack and eventual death, taking someone important down with him. More importantly though, I hope Faile dies doing something unimportant and stupid, a meaningless, painful death would be good. Ooh ooh, heres a good idea, Rand uses the Choedan Kal to Balefire Faile so far back that Perrin forgets her and becomes a cool character again. BTW, I am married and still maintain a good relationship with all my buddies, sure compromises must be made, but I refuse to push everything from my life to make room for my wife, nor would she ever have it that way.
  5. When you put it like that, Im embarrassed with myself for agreeing with it. Im straight, but could you please post a little less offensively.
  6. Or just use compulsion and have them as pretties.
  7. Wow Elgee, on most of your posts, you say exactly the point I want to get across, but better. What did happen to Perrin post Faile anyway? He used to be cool, he's kind of like that one buddy you have that was awesome and always there for you, but then met that bloody witch of a girlfriend. Now he spends every second tending her needs, and when he does get away, all he wants to talk about is how great his girl is.
  8. There are so many responses running through my brain right now, but all I will do is sit back and chuckle with amusement.
  9. I definitely agree with that (except I hate Faile at all times) I think Rolan would have been a great addition to Perrin's entourage.
  10. Well put RAW. Im starting to think RJ put Faile in there so we could have a "good" character to dislike, but who do you think is the counterpart? Personally Im a big fan of Semi, but I don't really think he wrote her to be a fan favorite. Maybe Im wrong. Which "evil" character do you think RJ set up for us to like?
  11. I don't believe Rand will very "handy" in TG, JK. Post TG, though, I think he will be the Dragon Reborn uh... Reborn, which will supply a new body. We'll see though.
  12. I liked it, but even though I can't stand Cads, I can't see RJ letting anybody get the best of her in a situation so easily. He writes her like she is part creator part Harriet.
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