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  1. I have alway felt that he was a mismanaged character. I would have like to have seem more of him rising to power in the two rivers. Fighting bands of trollics could have be developed more. He could have confronted the queen and demand independence. It would have fit with his home body personality. Imagine the conflict Elaine and Perin could have had. The wolf dream was a mixed bag. Some of it was good much of it was boring. I also feel like the White Cloak story line dragged as did the Fieale captured storyline. It almost feels like as the series progressed Rj ran out of things for Perin to do so he dragged out his story lines.
  2. Seem a bit far fetched. In the end the hero road off into the sunset. An ending that would fit with an epic like WOT. RJ has also hinted in interviews that the series would have a happy ending. I have alway thought that rand died. His pipe reacted the way we would expect a pipe to react in the world of dreams. So we have to ask how was he in the world of dreams? The death of landfear shows us that at that moment in that time and that place the real world and the world of dreams were the same place. I suggest that he died as was ridding off into the world of dreams. The books hinted that the dragon might be bound to the horn. This would explain why he went there after death. The next question is if he is dead why didn't the three loose their connection? They are dead as well or death did not break the connection. I think death did not break the connection. The way they were bonded was unique it is not the warder bond. It is not the wise one bond. It is something else. We have one bond involving love that transcends death. Birgitte and Gaidal Cain are bonded in way that was not fully explained. Birgitte even express fear that the bond was broken. This would fit with the love is the meaning of life theme. It also explains to live you must die. (live on in the world of dreams, finally be granted peace.)
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