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  1. Memory #11: I think the marath'damane to which is referred in the quote, are the Aiel in the Blight (forgot their name). As for memory #10: I think the person says goodbye to life itself. Referring to life as an 'old friend' and speaking to life by speaking to the air (which is rather essential to live).
  2. Or it could be Ituralde's reaction to being informed that Trollocs use the Ways.
  3. I think I agree with this, there was a nice foreshadowing of this possibility in a POV from Semirhage as far back as LoC.
  4. Thank you for your lengthy response! I will answer your criticisms. First of all about Demandred's acting as Timolan; I have already explained this earlier at how he would have been able to study intensively for a whole year. Apart from there is the fact that a lot of toh-causing actions won't be recognized by close friends of Timolan. (See earlier post for quote) And I disagree with your idea of what an Aiel chief is supposed to do. His leadership accounts for at least 10.000(0?) warriors, not forgetting everyone involved around them. That is a bit like being king of a very small country. (I
  5. I rather like this theory! My compliments for noticing the probability. In my haste I just ruled out all the Sea folk, but now I think Demandred could be Amel just as much as he could be Timolan. What I like about this theory is how subtle the clues are (if Demandred actually is Amel) and the amount of chaos the Sea Folk would be capable of causing. They could make it difficult for Rand to make peace with the Seanchan, just by attacking them. They could indeed decide to capture Tear and Illian (and Bandar Eban), furthermore Cairhien and Caemlyn can both be reached by river, as evidenced in the
  6. Ok, point conceded. I didn't know there were a lot people who thought Demandred was Paitar. But I'n still all in for Demandred being Timolan ;)
  7. And Brandon thought just as well that a lot of people thought Demandred was Paitar, whilst in fact they didn't. So that isn't very convincing. If you would please read what I've written before, you would know that Demandred being Timolan would have been useful not only to keep an eye on Rand, but also to 'aid' in the kidnapping of Rand, to cause dissend among Rand's followers by sending Aiel into Mat's camp and to constantly disagree as clan chief. That's why in the past sense. The why in the present sense would be that Timolan is capable as clan chief to abandon the Last Battle (see
  8. We do know some of what he's been up to. He said himself that he had plans for Andor, and we can say with near-certainty that he was involved in the Black Tower in the beginning, and that Moridin usurped his authority there when he appeared (mid-ACOS to TPOD). This was suggested by several small clues in LOC and ACOS and strengthened by Kisman's breakdown of the chain of command in WH. He suggested that Demandred and Taim were well-acquainted, and couldn't understand why Demandred wanted him to keep his orders secret from Taim. That relationship was further confirmed in the AMOL prologue. From
  9. Last argument I forget to mention. If Demandred is Roedran, how is it possible that Graendal wouldn't know that? Graendal's network of DF has been capable of finding Mesaana in the White Tower and has been able to learn independently that Semirhage is among the Seanchan. Graendal knew were every Forsaken was, but just happened to overlook Demandred being Roedran? It is just not plausible.
  10. Sorry for taking so long to react! I have read the posts and ‘compiled’ your points into three categories. (Aiel society – category, what Demandred has been up to – category and ‘rule’-category) Aiel society I do not think this to be the case. Egwene, for example was with the Aiel for only a few months and still Sorilea thought Egwene, just before she left, could have been an Aiel because of her behavior. (Egwene was with the Aiel from 08-06 till 23-11). You could in fact say that we, as readers, understand a considerable part of Aiel society by just reading WOT. Rand never managed t
  11. Nice theory on Demandred/ Timolan! Ace! *gives you 5 stars/ herons*

  12. @yoniy0: I do think Demandred would be capable of conducting such a plan. The Timolan having no wife and attempt at becoming Car'a'carn are indeed meant as motives for Demandred to replace him and not someone else. The most compelling argument for me for this theory is simply the process of elimination as described above. I think that Demandred posing as Timolan would be far more impressive than Demandred posing as Roedran. I wouldn't find it a "big secret" as Brandon says if Demandred happens to be Roedran.
  13. I read the chapter and I was in doubt indeed whether or not Timolan came on screen. However, I do not think that Timolan actually appears on screen in this chapter. If you look at the context it still seems as if Timolan stays off screen, which in my eyes is sufficient to support my theory.
  14. This question has been bothering me for some time now and I think I have found the solution. Before I start I would like to apologize for any incorrect language, because English isn’t my native tongue. I would first of all like to start with a footnote recently posted in the interview database and a quote straight from Robert Jordan. So apparently we should be able to figure out by now who Demandred’s alter-ego is. However the alter-ego hasn’t been on-screen according to the footnote and it can’t have been anyone mentioned for the first time after WH. Which effectively kills any
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