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    WOT, fantasy Books, games..
  1. Hello :D Feo here ;) Well I keep on re-reading the books of Patrick Rothfuss.. Kvothe Is so intresting One of the best chars ive seen in fantasy :) Also I re-read WOT 3times I am at book 10 so i remember everything very clear before AMOL :)
  2. Well The lord of the rings were the first books I read.. After that i became a Huge fan of tolkien he did an amazing job :) For me one of the top 3 fantasy ever writen :) The movies were good and peter jackson did a good job to :) But the books Imo are little bit bettert :) I have miniature games and I play the cardgame :) I also have all the books that Tolkien wrote and the ones about him and his books :)
  3. What I like about my name hmm... Son of my right hand, son of my old age, son of the south.....Benjamin the best name that I was given. :D
  4. You will never steal the Belgian one :o Its all mine safe and hidden never to be found :o
  5. Well I never met you before :D But hey welcome back dude :D
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