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  1. Hmmmm...can't tell if Sanderson musing or RJ musing. I suspect this is going to drive me crazy...
  2. Ah, excellent. I remembered there being a reference to Androl barely being able to knick something but I couldn't remember what it was. I'd imagine it was fairly well-known just how weak Androl was in this particular regard...
  3. I'm fairly certain that he did try for a Gateway. Here's the quote: "Everything Androl could hold—all of the One Power he could muster—flooded into him. It was minuscule compared to the others. He was the weakest man in the room; the newest of recruits could manage more than he could." Then... "Androl reached out, trying to do the one thing he could do, form a gateway. To him, this was something beyond weaves. It was just him and the Power, something intimate, something instinctive." Now, why didn't Coteren take action against Androl? Two possibilities: 1. He saw the weave for
  4. yes, that's what I was thinking too. He clearly tried to use it as a weapon so what else could he have been trying to do? he doesn't know the deathgate weave that Rand used in KoD but he can try to make a small gateway on top of somebody. He did use gateways creatively in "Working Leather". I don't know but my thought was he trying to open a gateway inside of someone's body (brain, heart, would it matter?) If he opened it on top of them, I guess he would be going for a slicing effect? Also, would someone who was turned be unable to travel by gateway? Now, that would be interesting...
  5. @Aiel Heart: You're missing the point entirely. Would it make any difference if the emails went out now that the list has already been published? No, it wouldn't because the damage has already been done. Furthermore, I can't stand the reflexive "you don't get anywhere by complaining" bit. Yes, everyone that wasn't selected still gets the book. They can and should buy AMoL. What matters is that they acted in good faith when they signed up for the program. They have every right to complain about a broken process and make their disappointment known.
  6. Anyone else think Androl was going to open a gateway in someone's chest? Can't wait for that particular deathgate....
  7. And how. I can't help but race through the books once I start reading them :(
  8. I didn't apply for a Memory Keeper position or a Tower Guard position last year. Personally, I don't feel like I have a dog in this fight. That being said, I completely agree with Jhirrad's post. Why would they post this list if they promised to email everyone about the results of the application weeks ago? Also, why couldn't the Baltimore group from last year get to attend a dinner with BS or Harriet as a thank you while selecting all new Memory Keepers? The solution proposed above is just bizarre. We all appreciate that Jason and Jennifer are volunteers. I think we all appreciate the
  9. Sorry Sutt, but I have to disagree. I can't imagine that BS' prose will get any better even with greater "polishing." Certainly his creative (and not so creative) stamp will be on full display (again, I liked Aviendha's future vision while hating nonsense like Dreadbanes.) Perhaps there will be less continuity/content errors but so far even the brief snippets we received indicate otherwise. That being said, I agree with the original point of your post. Why do people insist that critical thought is somehow antithetic to enjoyment of this last book? I want to know how the series ends. I wan
  10. Hmmm, another thought: I will be disappointed if Mat doesn't realize the kind of danger he represents to Randland. That is, I hope he realizes that he can't allow his Great Captain abilities to be turned against Randland. Maybe that is how the Outrigger novels (which will never be written) get a nod in AMoL...
  11. Well, as of Chapter 1 we have a good idea of just how fully integrated LTT is with Rand. If anyone would know the systemic problems of the culture of the AoL it would probably be LTT. While Brandon's writing style contributes to it, I think some are too quick to act as though portions like this are just completely Brandon going rogue on the storyline. When you consider that this is the first time we have seen a PoV from an actual person from the AoL that isn't either a Forsaken, the few tunnel visioned peaks from the Aiel history, or stark raving mad I think it's premature to act as though
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