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  1. Ok, the last few books (and the entire series) has been building upp for a climactic battle. Ok, this is crazy, but I doubt there really will be a crazy climactic war. To finish the series in one book (even a huge book) seems pretty unlikley if there's going to be a huge battle against the DO. I think that we are going to have the first 2k pages wrapping up the Seanchan, Ashaman, and Aes Sedai, and then we have Rand and Company vs. the reincarnated forsaken, remake the DO's prison, and hopefully a depressing ending. :twisted:
  2. Galad abandoned the Aes Sedai and joined the white cloaks who are all trying to kill pretty much every one who can channel. He was honor bound to help out Elane, but he's still prety much fighting against everything his sister is. And Gawyn is just stupid, so he should be pitied (he has an IQ of a kumquat) because hes been out of the loop for afew books now. He's probablygoing to find out about his sister and Egwene, go on a rampage with the younglings, and kill Elida's a**.
  3. K, first off, doesn't anyone hate Galad? Ok, traitor to his half sister, joins that Whitecloaks, and is a stuckup jerk. Second, somebody mentioned something about a green symbol, just a guess, but maybe cause he's bonded/married to Egwene who's in the Green Ajah? And last, am I the only one who doubts that RJ would kill off Eqwenes' soul mate? (Remember the whole dream thing)
  4. OK, I know this isn't connected to the current rant, but the whole 'raven flying by without pause' think kinda discurages the idea of a direct assault by the Seanchan. This is a wild stab, but I'm guessing that just something the Seanchan do, like an alliance or troop movement will destabalize the WT and allow Egwene to take control, get rid of some of the Red of Black Ajah, and stuff like that.
  5. Ok, anyone remember that flashback when Rand was with the Aiel, when the prison of the DO was opened, which means that hes not going to just seal up the bore; he has to make a new prison too. And considering that the prison lasts for afew ages he has to seal i right this time. Unless the DO breaks out every age, and that's a differeent thing totally.
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