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  1. I Think Thom could qualify as a hero since he's led a pretty interesting life kind of like Noal. Traveled the world as a gleeman, been a royal court bard, romanced a queen, killed a king and stopped an assassination by killing the would-be usurper. He was also a master at manipulating people and events in the game of houses. If you can have heroes characterized by being adventurers, conquerors, est... why not someone that can fit the role of a bard or spy like Thom can.
  2. Oh I had no problem understanding whats being said, it was more in response to people taking way to much notice in such a very unlikely offensive statement that only takes up like 4 lines and really does nothing to the story. And I feel like if they showed the Sharan as continent with white/tan population, people wouldn't have taken offense to the ape comparison but would then find a racially charged subject of why there's no African/black representation in WOT, though there's plenty of examples of large darkskinned populations. Also if the aiel were black would it become racist since theyre tribal and use spear? Mabey this could also be a reason why RJ made them the exact opposite, so he wouldn't have to deal with those accusations. I would hate it if authors start changing their process or change the image for their book to play to every sort of sensitivity. I really don't enjoy books/games/movies where each society either seems to be exactly the same in appearance or each society has 1 of every race at same pop% so as not to offend or single out a group
  3. Yeah white people should be the only people in literature or film that can be depicted as evil or act like animals because no matter what valid reasoning there is behind an action, (male channelers acting like animals because, shocker, they're treated like animals) people who try to find any sort of racial undertone will find it anywhere they can. This in my opinion has worse racial implications then the original text and can taint any sort of literature if people believe it hard enough. My opinion on the sharan male channelers is that Demandred intended to use them very much like Rand intended to use the Asha'man, as weapons. Except he kept the males that had any sort of taint on them because they would still cause destruction/death and he doesn't seem to be the guy that cares for others well-being. And animalistic weapons seem to be a great tool for the shadow, men so isolated and treated so horribly that they don't think for themselves. After reading the series multiple times, I can't remember any time the color of someone's skin went farther then just the description of the character, and if people believe that 3 lines in the last book of a 14 book series sees it as being some grand design about putting down a certain group of people, I truly feel sorry for them. I mean whats next? Are we going to have to assume there's some sort of racial undertone because the main enemy is referred to as The Dark One? Or because the Light is good and the Dark is bad?
  4. That was known long ago though. It's a sequence cut out from AMoL. ah last i remembered hearing it, it didn't say who it was going to be focusing on.. just that it was cut from aMoL.... either way im excited for it now lol :P
  5. “River of Souls,” the forthcoming Wheel of Time short story featured in Unfettered is a collection of scenes that illustrate Demandred/Bao the Wyld’s story leading up to A Memory of Light. Looks like well get more to Damndred in a few months :)
  6. I overall liked the battles in general....to me it had that feeling that everything was hitting the fan and that what i kind of wanted to see happen... with 13 books of build up to this battle i would have felt kind of cheated if fighting didnt take up most of the book.. just my 2 cents :)
  7. I agree with most people's moments, the only one ill add that i havent seen alot of was when Logain went to save the refugees ... his character seemed to start becoming a dark one near the end but i was happy to see his interaction with the common people and the direction the Asha man will go without needing to be feared
  8. tGH--To Come Out of the Shadow.. Ingtar's redemption "No man can walk so long in the Shadow that he cannot come again to the Light."
  9. Hello everyone, first time post here though ive followed the foums for a few years now lol Has anyone considered that the channelers in this town might actually control the True Power from the DO himself and that id what makes them so unique? Some things I've noticed that could back that up would be: -Their name, the Eye Blinders could be a reference to using the TP and saa eventually blinding the user -They tried to kill Moridin when he first arrived but he killed a dozen of them because, "The constraints that held them did not hold him." Which could mean that, since Moridin is given special privledges, hes allowed to to touch the TP at Shayol Ghul, while they aren't allowed to use it/harm Moridin with it. (Why they might still kill with weapons, ToM) -It also seems to increase the significance of these people because there seems to not be an overwhelming number of them in this Town but a few people using the TP would be much deadlier then the same number channeling normaly. -It also makes it seem like a more powerful tool for Isam by getting 2 of them to kill Rand. Rand is surrounded by male and female channelers that will be detect someone chaneling, but none of them will know when someone is using the TP against them, except for Rand. Also it seems, from tGS, that a few given full access to the TP could cause massive amounts of devistation.
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