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  1. Damn you all, Arwen did no such thing! Hollywood decided it'd look cooler if she did, I suppose, and didn't want to introduce that white prince guy, Glorfindel or Fingolfin or soemthing, since that's his only appearance in the books. In J R R Tolkien's book, the Lord of the Rings, Arwen does NOT save Frodo from all nine Nazgul. An elven prince does. I can't quite remember his name.
  2. *laughs* Do we really need samples? We've been through, what 3,000 pages of A Song of Ice and Fire? I think we've got an idea of what it's like by now... Why not wait ages for the book, instead of waiting ages for sample chapters? Heheh.
  3. One of my favourites is in Knife of Dreams... *SPOILER!!!!!* ...when the Trollocs attack the mansion Rand is in, and, for the first time in the series, Lews Therin Telamon takes complete control of saidin from Rand, and shows the Asha'man and Aes Sedai, the Trollocs and everyone else, what channelling is really about! "My hands! I need to raise my hands!" Brilliant. I love that bit. *END SPOILER*
  4. I'm trying so hard not to look at these sample chapters.... must.... resist!
  5. I'm surprised I haven't seen Pug/Milamber, Tomas, or Macros from the Riftwar Saga mentioned anywhere in this topic. To me, they were all incredibly powerful, maybe more so than any other characters I've come across in fantasy.
  6. I think he looks quite evil. The first name that came to my mind on seeing the first one was Padan Fain, back when he was the Dark One's slave.
  7. Dias

    A Riddle

    There was already another opening in the jug?
  8. IfI'm not mistaken, one side of the Hound's face is hideously burned. Instant giveaway. I don't remember reading anything like that when they went to the Quiet Isle. I think the head priest being Rhaegar is more likely than him being the Hound.
  9. Dias

    A Riddle

    Heh, how to jog your memory? I'm not sure about this one, but I heard there are only three words in the english language containing the letters "gry". The first two are hungry and angry, and apparently the third is quite a common word. I don't know what it is. Do any of you?
  10. Tel Janin Aellinsar’s lip curled as the squad leader bowed before him, and at the look on the man’s face. Surprise was clear, it was obviously a shock that the honourable king of Shienar was sworn to the Shadow. If only he knew. But Darkfriends were cautious people, any doubts in the al’Kar man’s mind were dispelled when a Myrddraal put a foot to the back of his knee. “One such as you,†it hissed at him. “Would do well to kneel in the presence of one such as he. The Chosen are not to be taken lightly.†The soldier’s eyes bulged, but he kept them trained on Sammael’s feet. In moments there was a light sheen of sweat on his forehead. Sammael waved a hand at the Myrddraal and it stepped back, clasping its hands behind its back, awaiting further orders. Sammael watched Dagan al’Kar. Surely the man realised the significance of a Myrddraal walking so brazenly within the walls of Fal Moran. He had known little, this man. His view of the world was receiving some rapid restructuring. Despite the uneasiness, the fear, on the soldier’s face, Sammael could see some resemblance to his father. He had seen Peaten al’Kar without that leather mask, and while there was no shocking similarity in their features, it was there for one who looked for it. Sammael grasped the One Power, saw the repressed twitch in the Myrddraal’s lip, wove himself a throne of Air, almost completely invisible, with just a touch of emerald in it that let its outline be seen. He reclined in it, further regarding the kneeling soldier. He still bore the signs of his journey south, not surprisingly. He had come as he had been told to, he looked like a soldier. He followed orders and he could fight. From him, Sammael needed little else. “Your father… he was a man of legendary status.†Sammael began. The squad leader nodded, swallowed. “Yes, Highness.†He seemed afraid to say more, and rightly so. The Chosen were thirteen of the most powerful channellers of their age, who had been imprisoned for three thousand years and now were free, gods among insects. They were not to be trifled with easily. “He was an Assassin, however.†Tel Janin made sure the capitalisation was audible. “You are not.†“No, Highness.†The soldier still had his head down, looking no higher than Sammael’s ankles. “Fear not, al’Kar. I have not called you here for your legendary skills in stealth or combat. You have no unique traits which I need, I merely found your father to be good at what he did. Some of his strength may run in your blood, though you are not… quite his size, shall we say? If so, all the better. If not, it is of no consequence. You are a soldier, Dagan, and an officer. That is what I intend to use.†The Chosen stopped for a moment, thought about something. “Do you know who I am?†he asked. Al’Kar blinked, licked his lips. “I-†“Look at me.†Sammael interrupted. “Look at me! Do you know who I am?†Dagan’s head shot up, momentary anger at being addressed in such a way, quickly suppressed. Good boy. “The King of Shienar.†Sammael scoffed. “You have one more chance.†“Chosen. You are one of the Chosen.†Sammael smiled and leaned back in his Power-wrought throne, a semblance of reality. “I am Sammael.†He said, one hand rising to touch the scar across his face. “I am the Destroyer of Hope. I have fought the Dragon and the Light. I have fought many battles, I have served the Great Lord faithfully. I have lived three thousand years, sacrificed much for our cause. “And I have orders for you, Dagan al’Kar. You know of what happened in Kandor, the destruction of Chachin and the Trolloc armies. Not as well known is my involvement in that. There are politics in the Shadow, al’Kar. Things you would not dream of. Chachin’s fall was a product of that, not any engineered strike against the Light. Your mission is. Chachin was destroyed for reasons you don’t need to know, but Kandor is still a nation. It still has many towns, villages, people, particularly in the south. “You will go to Kandor, Dagan, at the head of two hundred men. They will do your bidding, and you will do mine. You will kill everyone you come across. You will burn every village you find. You will cause chaos and destruction. That which you cannot easily destroy you will sabotage and betray, and it will be taken care of, for you will not be the only force at work there.†Sammael’s face began to change as he spoke, his serious manner hardening even more, the complete lack of mercy he had been famous for shining out. They had named him Destroyer of Hope, for his ruthlessness. “You will only show Shienaran colours if you encounter larger forces, and pass yourselves off as a group sent by me to investigate the rumours of Chachin’s destruction, and provide aid to the people of Kandor. In such a situation, you will be contacted, and further orders be given. Chachin has fallen, but Kandor may yet rally itself. You will... silence Kandor. Leave no word of your passing. Let no one live, no one escape. You will leave tomorrow with your men. Do you have any questions?†Sammael realised he was clenching his fist, and consciously relaxed it. Dagan thought for a minute, and asked “Where will these two hundred men come from?†Sammael nodded, having expected the question. “They have been hand-picked for you by a capable lieutenant of mine. Shienar has been… changing, recently, you may have noticed. People’s allegiance is more to me now than the nation, to the Light. These soldiers will do what they must, in my name. There are some Darkfriends among them. Some will make themselves known to you, others will not. I will be watching you, Dagan al’Kar. Do not forget that. There is a room prepared for you at the barracks for tonight. You will meet your men and leave in the morning. Captain Mikhov,†the Chosen gestured at the grinning soldier standing at the other corner of the room, “will escort you there. Now.†As Mikhov left with their new servant, Sammael began to wonder again about the meeting he would attend that night. Sammael Tel Janin Aellinsar Destroyer of Hope
  11. If it was me and I was just reading Clash of Kings now, yes, I would avoid this thread like the plague. THE PLAGUE! I don't think the horn Jon found being the Horn of Winter is too easy... as I remember it, he found it around the time they first went to the Fist of the First Men. Actually, my details of all this north stuff are pretty hazy, but i don't think there was any mention of Mance looking for this horn for a long time after that. I don't even remember how Jon ended up climbing that moutain and going off with the Halfhand and the others ended up defending the Fist against the wights and the Others... Anyone care to refresh my memory? And what was the Tower of Joy?
  12. New topics then? Ben Stark - Coldhands? The horn Jon found with all the Dragonglass down in that hole that Ghost led him to (...wait, is that his Direwolf's name? I can't remember... oh the shame) - is that the Horn of Winter or whatever it was called, the one Mance Rayder was searching for, the one that could bring down the Wall? Any possible connection between this horn and the one Euron Crow's Eye acquired, the one capable of controlling dragons? By the way, that horn was so sinister.... it charred the lungs of the man that blew it! Blisters around his mouth afterwards, died later! He was cut open, his lungs found black... that thing is damn evil! Any speculations on how it works exactly, or who'll end up using it (if) on Dany/her dragons?
  13. I've always liked Tyrion, Jon, Dany, Robb, and Arya. Always disliked Sansa, Catelyn, Cersei, Tywin. Now like Jaime, Davos, and Damphair. Anyone else like Aeron Damphair? I think he's cool. There's a lot to him, I think, even with the little we've seen. Tywin's death made me howl with laughter. That reminds me, I don't like Littlefinger. Too devious. Too clever for my liking. I've always wondered... Syrio Forel, a Bravoosi (right?) was training Arya. Meryn Trant came, and Arya ran. Syrio stayed to fight him, but apparently didn't have a hope of winning. We never see Syrio again, and the assumption is that he dies. But when Arya is leaving the city (not sure how long afterwards, a week?), it's with Yoren from the Night's Watch and the men he picked up from the black cells. One of these men is chained (well, I think they all are...) up, Jaqen H'ghar. He later gives Arya the Braavos coin thing, and changes his face. He proved his worth as a fighter and stuff as well. Is it possible that Jaqen is Syrio? Sorry if this has already been thought about and had its guts torn out or anything, I've never really read any speculation on the series. Any thoughts?
  14. Sammael and Rahvin strode into the room in the World of Dreams side by side, chatting amiably, at ease. It was a cool, calculated move, discussed and decided beforehand, designed to instantly show the others their alliance, simultaneously deterring others from attacking either of them, and setting them on edge. Chosen were never this informal in their dealings. “Sorry I’m late,†Sammael said. Tel Janin was sure he detected some pause, some change in the atmosphere of the room, when he and Rahvin were seen. Seasoned schemers as they were, however, the Chosen hid it well. Be’lal waved cheerfully from his couch across the room, the only one to make such a gesture. Sammael tapped two fingers against his forehead and waved them vaguely in Duram’s direction, with a wry smile of his own, twisted by the scar that marred his features. The hand gesture was an old military salute from the days before the Breaking, when both men had served on the side of the Light. Now, Sammael delivered it rather sloppily, of course. The generals who would have admonished him for it were three thousand years dead. Be’lal kept smiling, appreciating the joke. Rahvin nodded to Sammael, and they parted. Tel Janin headed for the cooler where the drinks were kept, merely for something to do. Also, it brought him closer to Semirhage, whom he wanted to observe. The Netweaver was seated beside Nemene, the giver of pain. She was a frightening woman, to take so much pleasure in causing pain. Sammael himself didn’t go in for that. Pain was only a side effect of things that needed to be done, for him. When he fought people, they felt pain, because he was killing them. When he fought battles, both sides felt pain, because they were being wounded and killed. The pain was not the important thing. It fell away under the call of duty. Except for when it came to Lews Therin. Tel Janin would give him pain. Sammael roared in his head when he realised his hand had risen to the scar on his face, given to him by the Dragon, and wrenched it away, grasping instead one of the drinks provided in the lounge. Turning again, he saw Be’lal still grinning at him, raising his own bottle in salutation. Sammael ignored him. Rahvin and Sammael had allied before the events in Kandor, and had thought carefully after Demandred’s destruction. They had known even before that had come to pass that strength lay in numbers, in unity. For this reason they were considering offering another of the Chosen a chance to join them. All great things of the One Power were done with both sides of it, but at the moment there alliance consisted only of saidin. For safety, and strength, they could do with a female ally. This meeting was the perfect opportunity to scope out potential friends, and enemies. This was why Sammael wanted to watch Semirhage. This was why Rahvin had sat so close to Graendal. Sammael sipped his drink, and waited for the world to do something. Tel Janin Aellinsar Sammael, the Destroyer of Hope
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